PS Audio IR code overlap

In my case it was so bad I sold off the LG OLED and replaced it with a Sony OLED. Problem solved.
BTW, we are most happy by stepping up from the LG OLED to a Sony OLED, picture is slightly better and the user interface is far superior. The Sony A80J OLED TV internal speakers are also better.


Thanks. Good to get confirmation.

@DavidF - which TV brands have you specifically tried it on? I’ve seen a couple of reports of brands beyond LG having the issue, but I’ve also seen reports saying “no problem with Sony.” What’s been your personal experience?

I have LG, Samsung, Visio and Sony TV’s in the house. The Stellar remotes interfere with all of them. No other manufactures remotes have this issue. I’ve had a lot of Marantz, Yamaha, Cambridge and other gear in the house and have not had a remote overlap issue in probably 30 years. So its not an LG issue, that’s for sure. That’s why I’ve been so surprised at how PS Audio has dismissed the issue every time I have raised it, which I have on several occasions. You can search the forum for some of my posts on the issue. There have been times I thought I had something figured out, but the issue always remains. Doesn’t really matter to me now - I’ve sold off all my Stellar gear. Now I’ve never had this issue with Sprout or the other higher end PS Audio equipment I’ve owned.


No problems with TCL or Roku here. The only issue I’ve ran into is overlap with my Cambridge CD player. But I seldom listen to CDs anymore and when I do I typically just press play and enjoy.

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Thanks very much for the detailed response. I have the BHK remote which appears to be very different than the Stellar remote. I didn’t think there was a difference until your comment made me go look. I’ve seen others in this thread say they’ve had no problem with Sony gear, now I’ll know to ask which remote they use. Cheers.

@weedeewop Do you have the Sprout, Stellar, or BHK remote in use with your Sony TV? My LG volume button turns off my BHK and I’ve been thinking of moving to the Sony.

My remotes are for the DSD DAC Mk1, and the P15 power plant. The LG remote constantly cycled the P15, a PITA! My Sony no issues. It has been so long I don’t recall what the PSA remote misbehavior was other than when I left my summer home for an extended period, I shut down the stereo system including thee DAC and P15 with their remotes. Upon my return the LG TV was on, :frowning_face:. Pretty much decide dthen that things needed to cchange. A friend got an incredible deal on the LG TV as the SOny happened to be on sale. The PSA was then sidelined for an extended period of time, as in I loaned them out. They are now back in place, and every one is playing nicely in the sand box. When I mentioned it to PSA Tech support there response was to place electrical tape over the remote receiver on each unit! BAAH! :rage:

Thanks for the details. The DSD DAC (both 1 and 2) is the same as came with my BHK preamp. I did put black electrical tape over my P15 and since I never touch it had totally forgotten about that. However, the codes from the LG volume controller will turn off my preamp which is… inconvenient. Plus, I get all kinds of other unexpected activity but those are not so terrible as they usually just bring up a settings screen that goes away after a minute.

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I have remotes for SGCD and P3 - the SGCD remote interacts with the LG OLED TV constantly but the P3 does not. When I had a TCL TV with the same SGCD there was no interaction. I live with it by not using the SGCD remote and manually adjusting the volume. Since I only use the I2S input I dont use the other SGCD remote functions. The SGCD is always on btw and turning the LG on with its remote just causes the DAC display to appear but that’s all usually. Sometimes the DAC will get a spurious Mute signal from the LG remote which is infrequent but annoying.

Hi all. I am the proud owner of a PS Audio GCC-100, unfortunately I lost the remote control, I tried to select signals with a universal remote control, but I could only select the mute button, turn the amplifier on and off. But the most important thing is that it was not possible to increase or decrease the volume. I would be grateful if you could record these signals to me and transmit them in any form, either send them by mail or send them as a file, if, of course, you have such a remote control and the ability to read the signal. Previously, at university, I was interested in programming microcontrollers and I remember making devices for reading and transmitting signals. If anyone has such a device, then you can use it to record a signal and transmit it as a code. Although there may be an easier way, perhaps these signals are available for download somewhere. I would be grateful for any help, maybe you can suggest a workaround.

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