PS Audio subwoofer?

Come on Paul…after all your posts about the need for subwoofers in all systems, which I totally agree about, when are they coming…;)…?

Wish list:

Servo controlled (of-course)
Dsp’d (of-course)
Dual or triple design, similar to the ML Descent
Top it out with at least a 15"-version…


I’d say at least an 18" along with web based control would be ideal. Also, a dual 8" version would be cool too. Like the Rythmik F8.

Probably top out with 12” since with a servo we don’t need any more. I prefer more woofs of the smaller 12” style than one big. The rest, of course, is already just as you wish.

Ok, I’ll continue.

Separate high and low-level inputs, with different settings on each, REL-style. Just steal their idea…:slight_smile:
Networked, maybe wifi? Android and ios app for control from sofa.
Different presets, 4-5 selectable from app, like music and a theatre setting with “fatter” bass…
Adjustable servo-gain! Like Velodyne does it. This because the best sound for music is not the best sound for theatre…ability to loosen the gain for theatre will make more rumble in that setting…
Included microphone for auto-eq.

All my suggestions are also valid for the upcoming AN-speakers, of course…

Oh, and maybe most important…stackable by design!
So that we could stack them up to 6 or more per side and really have an IRS-V beater…:slight_smile:
Daisy chained by XLR and possibility to apply different settings to the subs on each side, also like REL does it in their top model…

It should have a „hide my ass“ button to enable a projection of the surrounding to itself, so it’s invisible (I forgot in which Mission Impossible movie they showed how this works) :wink:


You mean stack them like this?


Thought never crossed my mind. :sunglasses::japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin:


YES YES YES…:slight_smile:

But thats a single driver design, right…? What would be the pro’s and con’s of a stackable triple design a’la ML Descent…besides cost…?

I see that Velodyne is no longer in the subwoofer business.

I’ve heard that too, but don’t know if it’s true. But if correct, PS Audio could soon (?) be one of the very few to make real servo-subs…

When Arnie and I first started Genesis in 1990 we immediately launched a servo subwoofer (of course) and were promptly sued by Velodyne for infringing on their technology. A quick letter from our attorney settled the matter and for kickers, he added that if they persisted in this legal nonsense Arnie and I might decide to turn around and sue them for infringing on technology Arnie had developed and manufactured for years.

OK, so I finally break down and follow your advice to get a REL for my main system. And now, just a few weeks later, you leak that PS Audio has its own in the works. Argh… I do love the REL though.

Velodyne is too busy in the automotive sector building lidar for autonomous vehicles, to still build subs.

Yes, much more money in uncontrolled vehicles as opposed to uncontrolled subwoofers…:sunglasses:

But as for patents and such…Nudell/Infinity weren’t really the first to build servo controlled speakers, were they…? I read somewhere it was done already in the 50’s…?
And as for Velodynes, they are really very good, even if Paul don’t like them…:wink:
I have two DD’s at present, but will sell them in a heartbeat when Paul and the guys come up with theirs…

So I expect you to make them better than everything out there, please…:wink: