PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?

30-60%. I’ve seen the full range.

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That is indeed significant.


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A couple of albums I just bought were ~$18 ea without Sublime and ~$10 ea with. I do not have Sublime but may buy enough music from them to make it worth the upgrade when my annual contract comes due.

I don’t but if I do it will be qobuz most likely, that’s a healthy discount too. I just had a quick search and found they have for example Cate Ferris,Green tea Peng,and Emily Hall, none of them mainstream, or even supported by a record company in Cate’s case.
…and LMS has qobuz integration now, which rims well I have been told :slight_smile:

Amy thoughts here on their artist remuneration rates though?

I don’t have any knowledge of how much they pay the artists. Hopefully it is a respectful fee.

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i hope so too. i’ve stuck with Bandcamp where possible but so very many artists are not on there (bigger label stuff i guess)

google says it is low in streams, in line with other services, but encourages purchases downloads which is better for the artists.
DRM free purchases suggests they will work forever rather than needing a continuing subscription which is good :slight_smile:

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Qobuz pays the best of the streaming services at $0.04390 per stream, but this remains tiny, and Qobuz’s share of the streaming market is minuscule.

See, The Trichordist, Artists For An Ethical and Sustainable Internet.


thanks :slight_smile:

The think I like about Qobuz i was a US introductory customer. After they shaved 5 bucks A month of introductory price. Oui Oui

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They also offer different prices depending on the download format. Lower bitrate files are less money. Overall Roon with a Qobuz subscription is a really good product.