PS Audio Name Tags / Meet Up at Axpona

If you have any meet-up suggestions for Friday let me know. I’m off to a concert now…

Why the AXPONA peeps aren’t in a prison cell is beyond me…Outright criminal act through and through! And some vendors are still participating again? WOW…Stupid is stupid does.

Well I don’t know when or where would be good to meet really. But I’m 6’3, blonde, and will be wearing a long sleeve light gray shirt and dark gray jeans Fri :slight_smile: I’ll be arr ORD at ~ 8am tomorrow. Then off towards the hotel and the show I s’pose.

I’ll also be checking email occasionally.


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As well as CoViD concerns. My guess is we’ll be there next year (and the organizers have agreed to refund our initial money then. Best we could do.


Deleted post.

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Oops thought this was a PM. I need to watch this email reply thing :wink:

Update- darker blue check shirt today.



I worry about the reaction of a typical show-goer when someone tries to get close enough to them to tell the brand of their pants. :wink:


I had intended it to be a PM and in my haste mis-posted. Regardless a good show overall.

@paul172 this photo is for you…outside of Parts Express…

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I did not encounter a single nasty or rude show goer. Everyone I encountered was decent. The YouTube Jays Audio guy was often seen but I dont wish to acknowledge him.

Best comment I heard was a guy excitedly talking on his phone:

No I am serious!! These speakers were like Bose times two!!!


Yes! Was that there? Or was that 2019?

I saw the boom box today

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