PS Audio P5 vs Wiremold L10320 Power Strip

At the urging of an audio dealer I know & respect I experimented with removing the P5 from my system and replaced with a simple $100 Wiremold powerstrip - frequently recommended by Naim dealers. I have to say the music was more alive and engaging. Shocked because I am a long time believer/user of PS Audio’s power regeneration products. Maybe the P5 is under powered for my system (CJ Premier 14 Preamp, CJ MF2500a 240watt power amp, DS Jr, Oppo BDP-105 are all plugged in).

This is probably the wrong place to ask this but I’m wondering if anyone on this forum has any opinions on this?

I, too, would be interested in comments here. I’ve been using Wiremold powerstrips for several years now but not based on personal listening comparisons. I have also never tried any of the Power Plant products in my system. The one power conditioner that I did audition (by another manufacturer and about a year before implementing the Wiremolds) brought nothing but positive benefits.

You mean I could of saved $4,000.00 ?

I got mine on sale for$2,500.

fdemello said This is probably the wrong place to ask this but I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has any opinions on this?
It is the perfect place to ask. :)

What does the P5 display as THD in and out? Watts? etc.

Mine says %. I believe it’s volts.

I think he is asking for the percentage distortion in and out and also the watts being drawn by the system.

I have a final comment on the Wiremold power bar , have transformed this power bar too the SuperWiremold powerbar for $399.00 with claims it will compete agaist all powerbars at double the price ,…

Years ago I went down this path of trying to improve the AC that fed my components and spent a lot of money particularly on AC conditioners and cords which in the end didn’t seem to do anything above and beyond dedicated lines with quality wall and floor receptacles

However trying a power regenerator did , results were immediate especially with digital playback, not so much with my analog front end of course your mileage may vary depending where you live . Power regeneration on video is immediate with a subtle change in picture clarity and color with a inexpensive commercial APO product which is still in use today with my TV and video components .

So I’m an advocate for power regeneration and the P5 does what PS Audio claims it will do and I’m happy though my eye is on the P20 , a possible upgrade in the new year .

Thanks for the feedback guys. I did see the SuperWiremold and considered that. However I ended up moving to a AQ Niagra 1000 for my 2 channel audio and I’m happy with that combo.
My P5 moved down to my home theater and I sold off a P600. Always liked the PS Audio’s regen on the HT side
I may venture back at some point to a P10/P20 but for now I feel this setup sounds lively and doesn’t restrict the dynamics.