PS Audio Power Base *after* a P10?

So, a couple of questions -

It was just pointed out to me that Music Direct is having a sale on the Black Power Base - for Half-Off.

I’ve been curious about these for a while now - so my #1 question is: Is it Ok to have the Power Base after a P10? I wouldn’t want anything to mess with the low impedance of the P10 to my gear.

2nd Question - if I’m seeing 50% off sale on Power Bases, does this mean that a newer version might be coming out or the Power Base being phased out completely?

Thanks in Advance.

A review that may help you:

I’m not sure of what you’re asking with Q1. You mean, sit the P10 on top of the PB, and plug the output of the P10 into input of the PB, and then the output of the PB into something else?

Regarding Q2, I don’t know. But MD has sold all sorts of PS Audio things in the past at discounted pricing that were, and were not, about to become discontinued items.

No, there’s not a newer version coming out, they are just clearing out some of their inventory items. It’s a great deal. Grab a few.

Indeed! I’ll get right on that right after my ski trip!

Lonely Raven said Is it Ok to have the Power Base after a P10? I wouldn't want anything to mess with the low impedance of the P10 to my gear.

I have my turntable and my SACD player on PowerBases which are connected to a P10 and it resulted in audible and measureable improvements in both components. I posted a review here:

DarqueKnight’s PowerBase Review

No problem.

Good to hear. I was considering getting a Power Base for my tube amp, to go between the P10 and the amp. I wasn’t sure if that would cause problems or not. But that sale has long since passed.

The sale is still on actually, they still have them for $499, I just got two about 3 weeks ago. I plan on putting my Marantz TT15 on one and a pair of components on the other, just not sure which, leaning toward my Oppo 105D and/or my TC-KA7ES though. While I have a PPP, I am looking at the P10 since Musicdirect has them for $1000 off still… and I thought my cars were an expensive hobby :confused:

Biffington, if you haven’t, be sure to try the PowerBase under the PPP. I think in fact that would be one of my favorite spots for one, tied probably with under my tube amplifier.

I would strongly agree with Lonson. A PB underneath the PPP is a must, with the PB plugged into the wall, and the PPP plugged into the PB.