Best way to use PS Audio Power Base?

I have just ordered a pre-owned PS Audio Power Base and am curious as to the best place to use it?

After reading many comments (and reviews) claiming the unit works best with digital sources, my initial thought was to stack my DS DAC and DMP transport on the Power Base and plug both components into the Power Base too - but that idea was thrown into doubt after reading many comments suggesting the power section part of the Power Base has a negative effect on hi-fi equipment and should only be used with equipment like TVs, blu-ray players or videogame consoles, with many others claiming the Power Base degrades any component it feeds and should be used as an isolation plinth only.

I’m also curious why, when the US version Power Base is fitted with domestic AC outlets, are non-US versions of the Power Base fitted with male IEC outlets?

By Paul’s own admission, these were best a mechanical isolation and not great at maintaining good power.

I have TEN PowerBases and have used them in a number of ways. Currently I am using them as isolation platforms only with one exception–one I am using as an isolation platform and to power a TV and DVR. I find that powering these devices does help and not hinder the sound and picture.

In the past I had initially used these for isolation and power (power isolation really, that’s what they do best) on an entire system, and then when Paul mentioned he no longer used the power section I experimented with having just the analog components powered by the PowerBases, and then just the digital components powered by the PowerBases, and then just the P10 or P15 powered by the PowerBases and then NO components powered by the PowerBases. There were elements to like in all these configurations but ultimately in my main system I have them all unpowered. If I had nine more power cables of the same quality as those going to the components (an expensive IF) that might change. . . .


Thanks for your impressions, lonson. I was beginning to feel the Power Base was an unwise purchase but if you have ten then I have to assume they are, at least, excellent isolation platforms.

I believe they are. Please let us know how you find them and use them.

Don’t hesitate to use these as a glorified outlet extender/power filter as well as an isolation base.

Efficacy is relative.*

Mind the load you subject them to and evaluate their effectiveness with your ears.


*IIRC, Paul’s comments were in the context of as compared to using a regenerator and maximizing the benefit of same in systems.