Optimizing Stellar P3 Use with PerfectWave Power Bases

I have recently acquired a P3 from a fellow forum friend and I own two PerfectWave Power Bases.

I plan to try various configurations, so please hold the “try it and see what sounds best” responses to my post/question, which is:

From a theoretical perspective or in light of your personal experience, what should yield the “best” results with source equipment (DMP, DS Sr., Magnum Dynalab FM tuner, PlayStation and DirectTV boxes) plugged into the PS 3 and/or the PowerBases? I am not planing on powering any amplifiers with the unit given its relatively modest power rating.

Iteration examples I am looking for insight and opinions about include:

  • PS 3 straight to wall or into a PowerBase?
  • DS Sr. or DMP straight to PS 3 or into a PowerBase plugged into the PS 3?
  • If having the PowerBases in the signal chain is a good idea, which sources should get priority use of the four available PB outlets?
  • Generally speaking, will the Magnum Dynalab, PlayStation and DirectTV sources benefit from the Power/Base outlets or best to just plug them straight into the P3?
  • Optimized use of power cables?*

*Keep in mind that I have one 2M AC-12 and an 12"(?) AC-12 available for use in the configuration as well as one 2M AC-5 and a 4’ Iconoclast BAV power cable.

The only configuration factor that is a given is that I plan to place the DMP and the DS Sr. on the PowerBases, whether or not they are plugged into them.

Thanks in advance for chiming in.


I do not use the electrical portion of the power base.
It has been years but back then I felt it degraded the sound.

Noted, thanks.

If you dig deep enough on the power base, in the forums, Paul admits it’s better at isolation than improving electricity.

I recall that statement from Paul, but I wonder about the context of his “admission” (was he focused on amplifiers for example?), and about having the P3 in front of the PBs or “preconditioning” the P3 with a PB, and whether “non-critical” audio components (PlayStation and DirectTV for example) might benefit from the outlets in the PBs, etc.

I am looking forward to playing around with the configurations in any event.

Thanks for chiming in.

Bumping this thread…hoping for some additional feedback…

Also, has anyone considered/might it be efficacious to “upgrade” the fuses in a regenerator?

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I have 9 PowerBases. At first I used them electrically as well as for isolation purposes, but after Paul mentioned what he did I experimented and found better sound for the whole system if I just used them for isolaton–in the system that I use with a P15 (then P10).

However I do use one in another system and I find that it improves the TV picture when plugged into it rather than when the TV is plugged into the wall, so it does assist electrically–I just think it makes things too “dry” and a tiny bit “brittle” when used with a regenerator.

And yes, I find that fuses work quite well with the regenerators. I am using a SR Blue.

Thanks for chiming in, 'Lon.

Did you ever specifically experiment with having the PBs “in front of” or “behind” the P10/P15?

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Scott, I tried the wall to P10 and all other components plugged into the P10, and then wall to Powerbase and all other components plugged into the Powerbases which were plugged into the P10, and then all digital components only plugged into the PowerBases and the others into the P10 and then all analog components into the Powerbases and the others into the P10. . … The P10 plugged into the wall and the other components plugged into the P10 had the best, least “hifi” sound for me and my room and tastes. I tried nearly all configurations. All components sound better sitting on the PowerBases, but not plugged into them. That’s just how it was for me.

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10-4. Thanks, 'Lon.