PS Audio trade-in balance use

I have a few thousand dollars in my PS AUDIO trade-in credit balance. I was contacted today asking if I was interested to be a Beta tester for the Airlens, something I would LOVE to do. I was informed that it would cost me around $1300 to do this since only $600 of my trade in credit could be used! I was planning to cover the cost of everything with that trade-in balance! Well, I am retired and on a fixed income and had to turn down the Beta offer because I cant afford to pay what they want. I feel like I have been misinformed on this balance. I thought it was money that was there for me to use on anything except Octave Records. Sad, sad, sad!!!


There has always been guidelines as to how much credit is granted and how much can be used on a given purchase. That is, it has never been like cash.

I suggest chatting with sales as to the specifics.

Sorry for any confusion. The trade in limits have always been in place. They allow you to reduce the price of any new PS Audio product by up to 30%.


Sad I was not contacted for beta :weary:

I too have credit waiting for this purchase.

So where does one find their trade-in credit balance? I looked recently and could not find it.

Mine disappeared with the intro of the new website.

With the new website platform we had to store all trade in credits locally. You can call the sales team anytime to use/confirm your credit!


It’s still in our records. Just call sales when you want to grab something and your credit is there, safe and sound.