PS Audio Well Represented At The Absolute Sound 2021 Golden Ear Awards

This year TAS chose the Perfectwave SACD Transport and the Stellar 1200 Amps as Golden Ear Winners in the September 2021 Issue. Congratulations! Great Products.


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Looking forward to TAS review of the Perfectwave Sacd transport!


Well deserved for the PST, which I own.

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Wish I had a golden wallet. Loved my PWT for many many years, but always have the itch for the DMP

Congrats gents on the industry accolades and well deserved

I’m the proud owner of the M1200

I cannot help but think that the benefits of various edge level enhancements are further extended due to the M1200 as the foundational core engine of my system

If I recall the review in Absolute Sound of the M1200 the reference was something like - the M1200 is not a good amplifier; it’s a superb one

Nicely done Mr Myers and team

I hung in for 5 years with my PWT. I finally decided that it was time and I bought the PST. The PWT is very respected in the secondary market. I sold it in a day to a pleased buyer.