PS20 Screen Not Responding

Hello. Lately my almost new P20 screen is not responding after a few hours of listening to music. Never happened before. The only way to reset it is unplugging the unit from the wall and then it goes back to normal. Any idea why or any solution that someone can recommend?
Thank you.

Do you know if you have the latest software? If it’s new, you should. Also, are you using it with PowerPlay?

Not sure what is Power Play … And for the software I did the update a few months ago. But not sure if it is the latest.

Navigate to the settings screen and make sure it is version 1.25.

I just checked the screen and it shows for Main 0.01.25
Boot loader 1.13.00

I am having the same problem. Started a month or so ago…screen freezes (on or off), and is unreachable on my local network (using a static IP, not DHCP). Only solution is to flip the power in back of unit. After turning back on, all is good for a while, then same issue. Screen unresponsive, blue button in front unresponsive, network unresponsive.


Service is asking me to send the unit for repair. They are not sure what is causing this issue. We reset the screen too and no help. Unfortunate the problem.

I wonder if it’s related to being connected to the network. Id you unplug the ethernet cable, does it still happen after a few days of being on?

I checked that option as well and same results. Not sure what else can be done at this point. Hoping it can be repair. This is a very heavy unit so I had help this weekend and remove it from my rack and boxed to send it for repairs. I’m hoping this is the last time that I had to do this whole process of removing and instaling this P20.

This used to happen to me when I used the Ethernet interface. Not having Ethernet plugged in solved the problem for me.


Same here as Al.

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@Paul , I can understand if this significant bug can’t be fixed in units out in the field, but I’m surprised new units are still being shipped with this issue as it’s been known about for years.

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Tried that and it solve the problem for a day instead of just a few hours. but still the problem was there.

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Powered down the P20 and unplugged the CAT6 a few minutes ago. Screen back up and functional after hard boot…again. Lets see what happens.



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OK, keep us posted if it happens again. Seems some are freezing due to it being plugged in and others aren’t.

I’m sad that you don’t automatically ask if the user has it plugged into the network or not. It’s a pretty obvious bug. I think there is far more danger shipping the P20 back and forth than asking someone to unplug a cable. But in this instance I think he said he tried that and it didn’t make a difference.

So shut up al and listen to your precious vinyl.

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Al, you are right, there is a long standing bug that randomly crashes the user interface if you use the network interface. To clear it you have to switch off and on the product. The first instance of this was reported was about the 3rd post on the P20 when it was first released 5 years ago, or whenever that was.


48 hours, and so far so good. Ethernet cable unplugged.

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So, I guess PS Audio either doesn’t care about the bug, or it is not fixable without some sort of hardware swap? I mean, having the same bug since inception 5 years ago…

I’m not sure it’s something we don’t care about. I haven’t heard about the team talk about it so I wonder if they’re not extremely familiar with it. It could also be that PowerPlay was down for so long it hasn’t come up much. I’ll make sure Barry is aware of it after the holiday weekend.