PST and Sprout 100

Is it possible to connect the PerfectWave SACD Transport to the Sprout 100? If so, how is it done? I may have an opportunity to purchase a PST but the only thing I have with a DAC right now is the Sprout 100. Thanks all!

Sprout accepts optical and USB only. The above noted transport has neither.

I had a feeling that wasn’t going to work out. Oh well, wishful thinking I guess :smile:

You can connect the coax output of the PST to the optical input of the Sprout using a device such as the iFi SPDIF iPurifier 2

Sorry @Serhan - I meant for this to be a reply to @Cygnus :blush:

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No worries! I hope he finds a solution that helps him enjoy his music!

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Thanks for the info. Should probably just wait until I can afford a better system (only have a desktop). Found a used PST for just under 4K but using it with a Sprout might be a waste.