PST new settings Layer & Layer default

What should both settings be if someone is using the PST & DS DAC with I2S?

They should both be set to DSD.
Assuming that you want to listen to the DSD layer of SACDs.

Thank you. Yes I listen to both cd and sacd.

FYI. SACD Transport Release Notes.pdf, which comes with FW2.3.1 download, explains these new settings.

To be more precise, as Barry said in the release note, layer/layer default is a fix to the previous SACD Layer option, thus, although not explicitly said, this layer/layer default only applies to Hybrid SACD disk play back. It does not apply to any of the Redbook CD. (Already talked to Barry, maybe, next release, he will rename it to sacd layer / sacd layer default.)
Also note that, the layer option only work after the SACD is already loaded. So, if the layer default is set to SACD,

  1. Anytime a sacd is loaded, the layer default will be applied, does not matter the layer is set to CD or DSD. (Layer will set to same as layer default)
  2. to play the CD layer of SACD, need to load the SACD first, then set the layer to CD, this way, it will play the CD layer of this SACD.

thanks for the clarification, i think revising the instructions that came with the update will help.