PST PS Audio "Idle" logo blinking

Anyone know why the tranport would be non-responsive to key presses and the remote with the logo blinking??? I left it playing a disk on repeat all night and the only change yesterday was configuring wifi
How do I recover???

I had this happen to me a few times after I changed to the newest firmware. I just shut it off with the rear power switch, waited a minute, turned it back on, it initiated and the problem was resolved. Hope it’s that easy for you.

thanks I was hoping there was a rhyme reason and better way. But in the name of technology reboooot

Im on release 2.4.5, which it shipped with…

The same happened to me, just once if memory serves. I can’t be sure but I suspect an AC surge or ripple may cause it. I’m on 2.4.4.

I haven’t seen any mention of 2.4.5 on the forum and the download section still says 2.4.4. Anyone know if it will be out soon and what issues/features it addresses?

Thanks, i dont think it was a surge as nothing else in my house was affected and the PST is connected to a P600

I don’t think it was a surge in my case either.

I had that happen twice when I was breaking mine in while using the USB port to repeatedly play a file while I slept. I did the full power cycle like Lonson suggests. Has not happened since, but I never figured out why.

The time mine went to protection mode (flashing logo) it was on repeat and I also was not there when it happened.

However another time I was there and the lights barely flickered. Power was never lost but the music stopped. The PST did not go into protection but was unresponsive. A power cycle fixed it. All components except power amps are on a P12 and the PST was the only thing affected.

Here is what PSA told me back in April 2021
“…The blinking logo is an indication the unit has run into a fatal software error, and the only way to recover is by powering off in the back.…”

Terrence is correct. This will happen if the code locks up. A simple reboot with the rear power switch will do the trick. With the latest code, this should rare ever happen.

As others indicated a power , not stand-bye, cycle was required. This type of device can be thought of as a purpose built computer without a standard keyboard and monitor. When in doubt; cycle the power. MS Windows is an example of the concept.

Exactly. Fatal makes it sound way worse than it actually is. A power cycle solves the issue. Like so many things with complicated code.

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Should be easy enough to fix with a watchdog timer in the right place.

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I never had my PST lock up until recently when I was burning in my DS Mk2. I put a bunch of files on a USB stick and set the PST on repeat. On three occasions the music stopped (with the flashing logo) and I had to reboot. Seems to be something about being on repeat.

ThIs happened only once with a CD playing. I use repeat almost daily for warmup and breakin, so essentially not a problem for me.

However I tried a USB stick on repeat several times for a day and got a lockup each time but not with flashing logo. I tried it not on repeat and kept getting nonresponsive behavior just for basic operations (using the remote), start/stop, track selection. So I gave up and went back to CDs, no problems.

It would be nice to be able to save wear on the drive but trouble shooting USB function is time consuming.

Others have reported (I forget who right now) that it works fine for them. I don’t really have a guess why it works okay for some but not others.