PerfectWave SACD transport power issues

Recently purchased the PST and love it. One issue that I am encountering is that the unit completely powers down when not in use. I do put it in idle mode it seems to shut down completely and need to reset the power from the rear switch. Pressing the the logo button does not wake-up the unit.
Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal behavior? Manual seems to suggest that it should just stay in idle mode.


Yeah, this is pretty strange. It should stay completely on even if not in use for days. Does it seem to go in and out of standby properly?

Mine works as James described. I never shut off the switch in the back. I just use the remote “on” button to turn it on. That is the same as pressing the blue logo on the unit.

If you do not know… If you have multiple PS Audio gear, the remote will turn on all your gear at once with one press of the button.

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When I am done listening I will put it in standby but after a few hours the unit shuts off completely.
I have a DS DAC and the remote will turn it on but not the PST.

Does it shut off if you don’t put it in standby?

I did try that as well. If I were to just leave it on, it will shut down completely by itself. Have to toggle the back panel power switch to get it back on.

I’m very curious what could be triggering this. There was an issue early on where this was happening to folks, but I haven’t heard this happening in ages. Especially since version 2.4.2 was launched. Because yours is new, it should but can you verify you have 2.4.2 as the FW?

Have you tried unplugging the power cord and plug it back in a couple minutes later? I don’t remember anyone else reported this problem before. Do you use a aftermarket cord? Not that I know if this will make any difference, but your PST may need a total reboot.

Yes, I was able to verify that it is FW 2.4.2.
I think I have tried to unplug it but will try it again.
I am using the cord that came with the unit.

I don’t know why/how it would change anything, but what if you leave the I2S cable unplugged for a few hours?

I checked my notes, my PST has three similar events. Two recents on standby, one 10 months ago. But all these are fixed by simply a main power cycle.

  1. **PST cannot wake up from standby ***
    10/13 4:37am, turn on PST from standby via remote , no response, PST seems dead. Main power cycle, it comes back.
  2. **again - PST cannot wake up from standby ***
    10/14 4:24AM, turn on PST from standby via remote , no response, PST seems dead. Main power cycle, it comes back.
  3. *** PST failure - sudden death ***
    01/16 6:07PM Central time.
    PST has been power on the whole day, not playing, no disk in the drawer, not in standby mode (PS logo blue light is on.)
    At 6:07PM, I hear a “click” from PST, follow by the PS logo light suddenly off. No response, main power cycle, bring back to life

I have a perhaps tangentially related problem, which arose when using the P-20 to power the SACD transport on and off. Sometimes when first powered on the transport displays the logo on the screen, but all other controls are inactive, including the idle button. The only solution is to power it down from the main switch in back, then power up again. When doing so, sometimes it immediately springs to life without any apparent reboot. Other times, it reboots from scratch.
Aside from the inconvenience of having sometimes to plug/unplug or use the unit’s main power switch, I’m wondering if something is defective in the unit or in the P-20. Given the manual’s warnings about switching to idle mode before depowering, and the warnings (in the DAC manual) not to apply power when the main switch in back is already on–I wonder if the transport or DAC are being damaged by using the P-20 to power and depower my system.

That sounds like a hell of a lot of stuff to keep in mind just to make sure you turn it on and off correctly.


It sounds to me something is going on with your P20. I suggest giving PS Audio a call.

:joy: LOL so true. I was hoping the P-20 could orchestrate my whole system without my having to go through a preflight checklist.

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Roger that, Elk. Thanks.

PST FW2.4.2 has this fix ”Locks in splash screen when powering on” It supposed to fix the known problem that PST stuck on “PS AUDIO” screen when main power on.
So far, FW2.4.2 seems fix this problem on my PST.

That’s an awesomely useful piece of information, thanks. I’m on FW 2.3.1 so I’ll update.

Slick. I remember Barry took care of this issue with the latest so I’m glad to hear you were on the older code. 2.4.2 should be your fix.

Hoping this question is in line with the topic. Got my PST on 31 Dec (yay). When running the power from my P3 I get a terrible static / white noise sounds when playing a CD. Plugged straight into the wall resolved the problem. Tried different power cables, looked for possible sources of interference (cables running parallel). PST sounds really good so I don’t think I’m missing much not running it through my P3. Has this been reported by anyone else?

I’ve got all other equipment (PS gear) powered through P3 regenerator and have had no problems up until now.

I’d enjoy hearing from anyone who might have experienced something similar - or if you’ve got some trouble shooting tips.