PST comes on, then shuts down

If I turn on the PST with the switch in the back, it turns on (blue push button light comes on and display says PS Audio) then two seconds later there’sa click and it shuts off.

I’ve tried power cycling by unplugging it, hard boot with holding blue button down while turning on with rear power switch.

Real bummer because xfinity Internet is down, so no streaming either. Need to resort to vinyl

What next?

Try disconnecting every connection except the power cord and try powering it up again.


Brilliant!!! That was it!


Well done, @RonP !

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aww shucks


Unfortunately the behavior is back… Tried Ron’s disconnecting all connections except power and power up… comes on for a second with the PS Audio showing on the display and then shuts down.

What next? This is quite annoying. @jamesh?

Call the good folks at PSA directly. Sometimes attempting to resolve a hardware issue via back and forth on the forum isn’t an efficient means of exchanging information when the matter needs to be discussed in detail to diagnose the cause. This one sounds subtle. Haven’t encountered anything like this with either my BHK Pre or 250.


Yeah will do.

has it done this more than once recently? Will it do this again if you try it?

Yeah your magic solution didn’t work…

I’m assuming you have the latest firmware, v2.4.4, installed. If you don’t that could solve the problem but might be difficult to install if the unit won’t stay on. However you fix it let us know the solution. Fellow PST owners will appreciate it!

Called them. Am supposed to send it back for service.

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