PWD / Bridge ll

Hi I have been using PWD ll and bridge 1 successfully for some years on 2.4.6. I have just upgraded to a Bridge ll and at first the PWD did not see the bridge, so haveing read some of the topics here I tried to put the roon ready firm ware on because the supplied firmware had not updated the PWD (when I checked on the front screen). Unfortunately at this point the front screen went blank and has stayed that way!!

Any ideas appreciated.

Cheers Dave.

Power off and unplug everything for an hour. Power back up with nothing but the power cord connected to see what it does. If it’s still dead, try updating the firmware to an older version to see if that revives it. If so, try updating to the latest PWD 2.9.7 and see what it does this time.

I almost forgot… Did you try removing the Bridge II and powering up to see what happens? It may be necessary to do the PWD firmware update with the Bridge II removed for things to go properly. I suggest that if you do try to update to an older firmware then back to the latest that you do so with the Bridge II removed.


In the deep recesses of my brain there is a notion that you had to have a certain firmware level in the DS (probably the PWD too) before installing or updating Bridge II. I’m sorry that the details are so vague – maybe someone with better memory can chime in.

If I am correct about this, and if the suggestions by wingsounds13 don’t help, you might need to remove the Bridge II, get the DAC functioning again (maybe by going to an older firmware), then upgrade to the most recent Torreys followed by reinstallation of B2. Hope this helps.

Hi Guys

Many thanks for the info, unfortunately still dead as a Dodo, just going to give it an hour and try a even older version, but am loosing hope of a easy fix.



Ouch! Just double checking, Bridge II removed until up and running with the latest firmware, right?

I do hope that you can get it going without a trip to the shop for professional intervention.


Give PSA support a call. I’m betting they can get you back up without requiring a return home.

To use a bridge II, the PWD firmware must be at least 2.9.1, or the bridge II will not be recognized.