PWD II not recognise


my PC running Window 8.1 could not recognise PWD II unless hard re-set from master power button at back

had to do this every single time.

But after the PC is turned off or retarted. PWD II disappeared from Window’s ‘Hardware & Sound’

had to master power off PWD II and power it on.

Is there a fix to such ‘manual’ activation of the PWD II with a PC that runs Window OS?

I was told frequent hard resetting, initializing of the PWD II is not a good practice and could

damage the unit

Appreciate help of the fix


Does it not work to disconnect the USB cable then reconnect after boot up? While still not convenient it would certainly be better than power cycling the PWD.

It may be possible that there is a BIOS setting for the USB ports that could change this behavioral issue. Also possible that there could be some device setting in Device Manager that will correct. Laptops often do strange things for power savings that can cause problems like this in certain cases. That reminds me… check out the power management settings too.



thanks. I checked the power management, usb installation, all in working order.

yes, detaching the PC connection to the PWD ii would avoid the clash with window 8.1 but

must be done BEFORE turning off the PC, and BEFORE turning on the PC. so this has become a manual

plug in and pull off the USB cable manual operation.

Otherwise, restarting the PC would freeze the PWD ii and also corrupt /cause malfunctioning the other audio devices installed in the PC.

I report this to ps audio and hope to get a fix. I hope it’s not my unit as it’s a pain to send it back and the possible long wait