Strangely even fuses seem to have a “burn in” improvement period. I guess it was the Analog Power fuse that blew? The other is for digital. might be good to tell PSA which one blew, for the record.

I went immediately with the Supreme fuses and have never used the PSA ones. Now I am curious but looks like fighting different fires for a while.

Glad it was just a fuse!

The web/forum is a friendly place with a rather glorious and eclectic group of inmates. Welcome to the fun.

Yes it’s fine . I was listening to it last night for a while. So the analog fuse is for all lights internal and display as well. I did not realize this I thought it was fussing the neutral and the hot. Thanks for clearing it up . Where can I buy the supremes fuses from. .?

Al D

Got mine from Parts Connexion

Sounds like we got another one hooked on audio insanity… >:)

Well ok here a few hundred bucks on fuses for all this stuff at 60 bucks each this will at 600 wow this better be special guys. Lol


Try installing fuses in one component at a time.

This will allow you to hear any accumulated improvements as well as stretching out the “joy” of having new Hi-Fi fuses. :D/

Yea yea yea . More time to waist . I am the guy with no time and so I would like to do what you say and listen. Anyway as I am recovering from nose surgery and relaxing by force I did find this out. You know how the Manuel reads keep the switch in the back on other wise let the dac warm up for three hours. Well he ain’t kidding . Mine was off from the other day after changeling the fuse a quick listen and that was it. Well to my surprise how thin the dac sounded that I changed amps and headphones to see why. Well about an hour later leaving it on what a difference it makes and it just got better from there . The hdvd800 I wa doing a comparison on was fine just turning it on . But I used this as the amp for the pwd2 . And wow what a difference like a tube amp does . Anyway thanks all for the help.

Al D

Ps one more thing . I posed this fuse size and type to another Hifi authority and his take was a little different

He said triple the fuse too so a one amp gets 3 amps . No kidding the guy is like Paul a real hands manufacture of ultra hi end dacs and ad dons . Well he explained why as a bigger fuse will make it even better. As I do not like the change in fuse criteria I did pause at his idea.

Al D

Hmmm… Sounds risky to me. I doubt the manufacturers warranty would be valid if you did this.

I sure they would be mad. I’m not doing it , but this Hifi fuse is the most outside the box conception I have heard of. And yet people aware to it. We will see as I have order some fuses to try.

Al D

Conception it is indeed, as you will notice more life in your music. :smiley:

I very much doubt that you won’t notice a difference.

@alrainbow - Maybe you just had a bad fuse. They aren’t perfectly reliable.

Upping the value of the fuse would be about as smart as bypassing the fuse with a piece of wire!

I did try the mkII fuse and the supremes killed it - way better transparency and dynamics and it sounded much more lively. I would have preferred to believe that fuses would make less of a difference than they do, but am stuck with the phenomena.

You see this is why I am doing the fuse thing , people talk with such confidence . I should have my fuses from psa and the supremes some time next week and I will test to listen.

Al D

It will be fun to learn what you think after you get a chance to try the fuses.

Yes it will. I did not believe in headphone wires as an upgrade but I do now. I Am an agnostic in nature but that does lead to a bit of ignorance though…


Agnosticism and skepticism are not bad, and I believe strongly good traits in audiophilia. I find nothing wrong in having to have some proof that some piece of equipment or accessory makes a difference or is better than another, even if that proof must be your own ears. Ultimately that is what counts anyway. :slight_smile:


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I guess but sometimes it most definitely comes across bad. So I guess I just try to keep it to my self unless asked. Thanks for agreeing in forums there is people who take any disagreement as if your making them feel less than adequate in there understanding of this hobby. So far here I must say it’s very different. And Paul is a special guy to me . He leaves the post,s of people who trash him and just gives calm answers . That makes him a good guy in this hobby with all the fake ness in this hobby he rises above it.

@alrainbow, please continue to express your opinions here. Fortunately we do have a pretty friendly forum and most of us respect others opinions even if we may disagree. We do have the occasional spirited discussion, but it rarely gets to be rude - very rarely.

I enjoy reading others opinions even if the occasionally make no snese to me. Sometimes I learn something new and on occasion have changed my opinion and even belief in certain audiophile ‘voodoo’ practices and mantras.


Yes, please provide us with your thoughts whenever you are interested in sharing.

Special fuses do not make sense to me on many levels. But when things do not make sense, this is the time to dive in and try it.

Some find the fuses to make a significant difference, others no difference at all. Perhaps you will find them of benefit.