P20 - anyone planning to test the new SR purple fuse against their Ultimate Premier in a P15 or P20?

By general consensus on this forum the Audio Magic Ultimate Premier is the best internal fuse for the P20, (and I assume, the P15).
Having got a P20 earlier this year I ensured I had the ultimate Premier fuse to install for initial switch on.

There’s (another) new fuse coming from SR, the Purple, released sometime this month and by all accounts of a prototype being tested by an Audiogon poster it ‘blows the Orange out of the water’ and makes his Orange fuse sound ‘broken’. Additionally he says the mid range is a big improvement over the Orange.

It would be interesting to see if any P165 or P20 owners on the forum will be testing the new internal Purple fuse against their existing Audio Magic fuse.

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I’d also be interested in any consensus on a preferred fuse.

Oh oh purple haze…or grape flavored music … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :innocent:

May the fun never end…

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I guess you won’t see consensus, as fuses (presumed on a comparable level) are not component but system and environment depending.

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Personally, I’ll stick with a Littlefuse, or a Bussman as a back-up.

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You mean you use standard fuses and wait for a common agreement recommendation of an audiophile fuse?

Another way to look at it is if in general there is a preference for one particular fuse. More of a curiosity on my part. Personally not looking to upgrade any fuses in the near term. I’ve had quite a few changes in the last 6 weeks or so.

Yes I understand. It’s just the most cost effective upgrade one can make. You’re passing on a lot, but it’s also nice to look forward to something.

IMO the Audio Horizons are the most cost effective, the new SR purple or the biggest Audio Magic might be even a bit better for a roughly double but still tolerable price. What I fear is, that much more expensive ones are still noticeably better. So at the end it’s probably as always a matter of what you’re willing to spend.

My own silly humor aside…

Fuses have made quite an improvement in sq for my P15 powered system…

Whereas I would like to try the new purple fuse…it would be in comparison to
my HiFi Tuning Supreme3s and SR Oranges…

So the comparison requested with the BeesWax Ultimate is not one I could
speak on…

The thought of the Purple (grape juice :innocent:) is intriguing…
one day perhaps…

Meanwhile the whole thing is have fun…enjoyment…entertainment…

Best wishes everyone…

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@sheridd2 I ordered a purple last week. It is direct shipping from SR. I already have an ultimate premier beeswax in my P20. I will update on arrival and after burn in.


Eager to hear what your finding is. If this purple thing is better than my Beeswax, then it’s time to upgrade all my Beeswax’s again.

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Vmax … looking forward to your thoughts on the comparison between the two, exactly why this thread was created.

Thanks Vmax

Looking forward to reading your findings…

Careful now beware the " Purple Haze"

Best wishes

Fed ex email said to deliver purple fuse October 19 was the notice received.

Questions to be discerned.

  1. Can Fed Ex smash a lightweight power fuse as effectively and efficiently as a large power amplifier?

  2. Will Fed Ex find away for a fork lift tine to penetrate an envelope?

  3. Will the purple haze lift enough for Jimi to remark excuse me while I kiss the sky …… or will it be S’cuse me while I kiss this guy?

  4. Fed Ex will it deliver……tomorrow or just the end of time?


Interesting…but …“you funny” Ham Chunk…Movie The Green Berets

Best wishes

Fed Ex has been late for my last four deliveries, not only that, there were also two missing in addition in the last 3 months. So good luck!

My purple fuse will be delivered on the week of Oct 18th. Luckily it is by UPS I think.

Perhaps you get to listen of the purple fuse before me. I am going to try mine in a P20 first then move it to a HDPLEX300 DC power supply. Are you also comparing it to the top Audio Magic fuse too? Where in your system is yours destined?

I ordered one for my P15, and I have a A.M. Beewax Ultimate in my transport. But I will not be able to compare them since it is 1A vs. 6.3A fuses. So I can only compare to the Orange fuse that is in P15 now.

I received the SR Quantum Purple Fuse. I put in the P20 to burn In. There is a difference between it and the ultimate premier Beeswax.

So far about 40 minutes. Listened to following on Beeswax UP then the Purple

Keb Mo The Itch
Lyle Lovett North Dakota
Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile. Electric Ladyland
Aaron Copland Helmut Kobe and LSO

The highs and percussion and Vocals is clearer on The Purple and Soundstage wider

Bass Definition and Slam and space around Performers goes to Beeswax as does midrange vocals

The SR Purple claims needs 200 to 300 hours. So P20 always on running my roter and streamer. I will park the Ultimate Premier in an LPS and check again after a bit.

Right now a bit of a toss up but Kind of digging the clarity of purple.

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This purple thing sounds like it could be a winner. We’ll give it more time and see.