PWD Mk2 DSD playback

does perfect ave mk2 play dsd files? I am using Jriver and when I tried to play .dsf files it said that it couldn’t and offered me to play them instead at 176 KHz/24 bits (rather than the files 352 KHz (I get this cause the units is only good to 192 KHz). So when Jriver offered me this option it means that it changed its output mode to DOP and sent the data at 176 KHz? (So actually it down sampled from 352 to 176 so I wownt be getting full resolution and then put the DSD info into a PCM package). Is this true?

Whe n playing via Jriver are there any settings that should be done before playing DSD files or is it all plug&play?


The PWD2 does not process DSD files. You can use jPlay to process the DSD files into PCM so that the PWD2 will play them, but, you won’t be listening to DSD.

thanks for the reply. so jriver offered me to onvert the dsd file into pcm on the fly? Is this the case so? cause I didn’t use its library tools to convert it into PCM encoding and then laater play instead as I tried to play the dsf file it popuped up the error message and when I accepted the 172 KHz option it instantly started to play. Just trying to understand what was happening so was I listening to PCM encoded on the fly version or was it just sending the data as DSD over PCM to DAC?

I checked MK2’s Wolsfon 8742 pdf and it mentions DSD… so am a little bit confused.

JRiver converted your DSD to PCM and your DAC played it as PCM. The PWD does not play DSD, so using JRiver to convert the DSD to hi-rez PCM is a great option, and what I used to do until I got the DS DAC.