PWT cover arts

Internet is ok, the se card is empty but no cover on the display and no track name. What can I do?
I understood there is a site where I can see my cover arts but I cannot find any address.

The server may be down again. I have been keeping my internet disconnected as I have thousands of CD’s stored on my SD card and when the server goes down it removes them one at a time. Contact PS Audio Tech support

Now it seems to work. Maybe was a server issue.
Is there a simply way to put on the sd card the track informations and the cover arts collecting them, for example, on the musicbrainz site?

I wish there was still a way for us as users to do that. There used to be a really great feature on PS Audio Website called playlist editor. You could even add cover art and text to cd’s you created from your records. I used it all the time. Sadly they abandoned us and decided to remove it from the site.