PWT Fuse

Hi, can anyone confirm spec of the fuse for the PWT, whether it’s just a single fuse and how to replace it? I’ve replaced the fuse on my DS - is it the same (difficult) process to get to the fuse in PWT? I’ll be using an SR Red so does the writing go in the same direction as for the DS?

i did do a search but couldn’t find anything specific to the PWT?

Many thanks, Mike.

It is almost identical to the DS including only one fuse being active.
The cover on the PWT is easier to remove. No 4-40 rods necessary.

Thanks! And it’s the same value fuse?



Yes, 1 amp.

How do you get that nice top off?

Hi, my SR Red fuse finally arrived yesterday after 6 weeks. I was about to install it but decided to double check the forum before commencing…

The various forum threads say that only the F1 (digital) fuse is active on the PWT but the “how to” instructions state that both fuses should be replaced. Is anyone able to confirm categorically whether the fuse marked analogue is active on the PWT? Many thanks, Mike.

The PWT only has one active fuse.
To prove it to yourself, remove the analog fuse and then apply power. The unit should still be functioning 100% with just the digital fuse in circuit.

Thanks! That’s what I’d hoped, didn’t want to have to splash out another £60 on a fuse!