connection no-memory... bar

Hello forums.
Yesterday, when I looked at my PWT display, at the top of the screen a gray bar with the connection no memory...appeared out of nowhere. Is this normal and is there a way to hide it again?

Hi Mark,

The gray bar is normal. It should always be there. No connection means there is no ethernet cable plugged into the back panel. No memory means there is no SD card inserted in the backpanel.

If you actually have those things connected in the back, there is more to discuss.


Thanks so much for the reply Dave. I can not believe that the gray bar has been there all along…surprised-014_gif

I guess I never noticed it before the other day…blush_gif

Well,I guess my eyes are not what they used to be in my oncoming years.

“I must be blind in one eye… and can’t see out of the other” …4_gif