PWT screen issue

Dear all,

since March 2015 I’m the happy owner of a PerfectWave Transport unit.

Few days ago a white line appeared in the touch screen, cutting the background from left to right near the screen top border. From that moment this white line is present in any screen situation, during CDs playback (in this case the control buttons and the CD cover image remain “behind” the line) and when the CD tray is empty. Touch screen functions are not impacted by this defect, with one exception: to open/close the tray, the whole screen area is now “touch sensible” and not only the white icon in the center.

I’ve tried the procedure to reset the screen (the one requiring to touch the 4 screen corners in sequence) but nothing changed. Maybe this issue is the signal of a next hardware blocking problem to the screen ? Any suggestion is welcome.

PWT firmware version is the latest (1.22 already mounted at purchasing date and never upgraded). Please see in attachment a picture of the screen with the tray in empty position.



That is an issue with the Display hardware. It is cosmetic only and should cause no functional issues.


I have seen this failure on screens of many different manufacturers. As Dennis explains, it is cosmetic only.