No internet connection on PWT

The RJ45 LEDs blinks on PWT but PWT shows “No internet connection” on the screen. I log in to MY PS and found that the last play was in Oct 2017.

What would be the problem and how to fix it?

PS: I tried to re-install the FW1.22 but PTW does not respond to FW installation.

Try this (if you have not): Turn off ALL components in the network stream (i.e., everything that connects to or powers the internet, ethernet and Wi-Fi components of your system). Wait about 60 seconds and then power everything back up one at a time, starting at the source (usually the router/modem). IME, sometimes these various components just lose the “handshake” between them and stop talking to each other. It is often very difficult to nail down the culprit because, depending on the complexity of you network, the trouble maker is not always the same piece of kit. I hope I did not miss your point. Good luck.

Thanks for your advice. But I discovered that the LEDs of RJ45 socket stpped blinking. It seems to be a hardware problem now.

Good luck to you!


I believe no blinking lights means no signal is getting to the unit – not that the unit is broken or unable to receive a signal.