PWT won't power up

My PWT won’t do anything when powered on. It was working fine, then after I upgraded the firmware on my P5 it won’t do anything. No initialization screen and no light from ethernet port. I was running the latest firmware, tried to reinstall it just in case, but nothing. There is power coming from the P5, I even tried plugging the PWT directly into a wall outlet. Switched cables and it’s not a cable problem. Is my fuse blown or is it something else?


The most likely suspect is indeed the fuse.

Thanks Elk. Looks like that did the trick. Now any suggestions as to which fuse to use and where to get it? I know they are 1A 5x20, but any specific brand recommended?


I am not a fuse aficionado and, thus, do not have an opinion on brands. My guess fuses make less difference with a transport than with a DAC, but I can rationalize that a short piece of wire might make a difference in the power supply of a transport.

The fusers should be along shortly to help.

I think it would be wise to make sure you know, or at least have a good feel, for why the fuse blew before going the audiophile route. I say that since fuses don’t normally blow unless there is a fault. If you know what the fault was and feel confident it won’t happen again, go for it. The concern here is blowing $50- $100 fuses on a regular basis gets expensive! Not to mention keeping a stock of them so you don’t have to wait to use the PWT (or DS, or …).