QC lacking?

Came across this on A-gon forums…
Is this fact? Or a sales pitch to drum up business?
I cant believe QC could be this bad!
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The grounding tabs have been addressed by PSAudio. it was a mistake, but they are not for “grounding” as JK talks about. The rest I am not sure of. We would see much of that here on the forum you would think. Its been a bit of a buggy ride software wise but its getting much much better. JK has wonderful products and good service, but since his exit from the forum he seems to have somewhat one sided view of PSAudio. take it with grain of salt.

PS Audios side of it is they have a large percentage coming back modified with breaks. Did someone break it, or was it that way from factory?



For as much discussion as there is about the MK2 internals, I am surprised I do not come across many complaints about interacting with the external buttons and display with the MK2; which was carried over from the PST. The buttons feel cheap and the screen covers do not sit flush with the display, creating a small but visible air gap. It is bothersome enough to me I am considering a modded MK1 or another brand of DAC altogether when it’s time to upgrade from my DSJ. The Jr., I think has the best of the lot - an OLED display and a volume knob that can also be used to navigate the menus. I wish this made it to the MK2.

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What “other “ dac or dacs would you consider ?

A modded DS MK1 is not the equal of a MK2 a junior is not up to a DS MK 1.

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Anyone rushing a new unit still in warranty for any modifications is taking a gamble.

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It’s pretty darned close. I am listening to mine at the moment. :smiley:

A couple that I’m keeping in mind: Esoteric N-05XD, Meitner MA3, the MSB Discrete is stretching the budget but it might be worth it. My loose rule is if a piece of gear costs more than a bottle Hennessy Richard I should just buy the bottle…I have more fun that way.