Qs on DMP Transport

Not exactly true. It does get it “in advance” but the advance is in milliseconds rather the seconds.

Will the new SACD player be able to send info if your doing multi channel or have a possible upgrade to get multi channel Via I2S to 3 Directstream DACs or is that will me something that will be possible with the octave server?

I asked same some weeks/months back and Paul made clear the new transport is only stereo/2-channel.

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The DMP had the capability to provide 5.1 surround electrically but the software was never developed that was supposed to allow you to be able to adjust the level of each of the channels. With the operational issues that the DMP had that fell to the back burner.

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Wondering if there is such a huge dependency on the 3rd party that makes the mechanical part how even the new Transport would be future proof in that way ?


The channel matching feature was mentioned in the DMP owner manual and was never developed but stands “put on the back burner” ???
It certainly influenced me to getting 3 DirectStream Sr. DACs for multichannel SACD playback!
Somewhat disappointing…especially if dropping the software development of this advertised feature of the DMP.


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