Question for Mr. Smith please. About toslink

I got used a $10,000(not kidding) coaxial cable for $150! There is a used $600 Toslink cable for $45. Considering the difference of level of cable do you still think I should get the Toslink? Price is obviously no issue. Just 90 miles away and 30 below zero here! Thank you MR smith

At those prices it wouldn’t be bad to have both for the future. The TOSLink will probably give at least 24/176.8 (DSD64) or 24/192 so it likely will be better with the DS.


Thank you MR. smith!

Just curious, what brand and model is the coax?

It is a Transparent Audio Reference XL. Their prices are absurd but I only paid $150 for it used. Which just goes to show their prices are absurd.

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Did it come with the original box?

Yes. Why are you wondering that? It is not for sale LOL.

It goes to show that audio equipment is NOT an investment!

For instance Blue Book on my MSB DAC is $34,000 now. Oops.

Select 2 Blue Book is $34K?

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Indeed. That is pretty sorry. This stuff just plummets in value.

I haven’t seen a Select 2 on the used market yet, so I don’t know on what basis they came up with that number.


If anybody out there wants to sell me their Select 2 DAC for $34K, just pop me a PM.

Well, I personally feel the Blue book as with Automobile Black Book is BS. However that is what “most” places give you. Obviously they have some means of valuation. I have the DVD’s for the Blue Book and just noticed that. Makes me really unhappy.

LOL. Not me :blush:

I’ve heard it, and I liked it. But I wouldn’t swap my Esoteric for the top dog MSB…OK, just pause on that thought, I would have to think about it.

I would say Esoteric is probably comparable. Again, different sound. Just whatever you like. Do not feel you need MSB. Esoteric is no slouch at all.

Yes, 2 flavors of good.

Long time Transparent fan. Just sounds good.

Ted. I thought the general deal with regular Toslink was it was 24/96-ish at best? Also my experience has been (even with glass cables)…glassy.

I haven’t had luck w toslink either. Maybe it’s my player or cable - but it just sounds dull to me. I recently purchased an audioquest toslink cable - it was their ‘cinnamon’ I believe. Not that expensive - but I needed a different connection for a cdplayer. I’ll have to do further evaluation.