Question regarding re-foaming used Fathom F112 subwoofer from eBay

I purchased a Fathom F112 v1 that I found used on Ebay.

It was somewhat of a spur of the moment purchase since I was just stoked to find another used on Ebay - I don’t normally see them on there and not normally at this price($1200). It has damage common to the foam surround.

The previous owner says everything works great, just needs to be re-foamed.

I ordered a fathom f112 re-foaming kit and found a professional that can re-foam the woofer at a local hifi shop here in Seattle.

Has anyone re-foamed these before…or seen similar damage before? Is there anything more that I should be worried about?

See pictures below:

Please let me know what you think.


Found this video for the actual woofer:

Has anyone ever had any subwoofer or even speaker re-foamed?

Any idea on how much something like this will cost?

I called my local hifi shop again today to make sure they could work on this subwoofer specifically since the repair seems somewhat involved and they said that JLs may require a more high end speaker repair center. I called the place they recommended (Morgan Sound Inc Lynnwood) too late in the day and they’re closed now. I’m starting to get somewhat nervous about the cost of the repair for this.

Option B is the local(Seattle) JL dealer which said it would need to be returned to JL (which is in Florida of course)…I saw on the JL website that repairs to this specific driver can be $400(F#%&!). It was my understanding that re-foaming was a fairly inexpensive endeavor…is that sometimes not the case?

Thoughts/experiences are welcome.


If you are supplying surround anywhere 25 low 65 high in dollars.

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I refoamed a couple old cerwin vega’s, the kit with surrounds and glue and applicator was $30 on ebay and it worked fine. Took me about an hour to do both. If you can get the exact surround for your speaker, should be a bit more as mine were 8" drivers but like the previous poster, $65 tops. And it’s easy to do if you watch the video and follow directions.


Great deal. I have the 113 and was a REL guy and only REL. I am using the JL and holy smokes, a whole different ball game but they are pricey as you know. The 112 should give you plenty once you get the foam on there. Good luck!