After a few days on this forum I have unfortunately been witness to a significant amount of opinionated and unqualified drivel. Whilst there are some people here who clearly understand what they are writing about, others do not but still continue to air their views and biases. I understand free speech but there is a limit.
I am therefore leaving the forum, to continue enjoying my PS Audio products without the banal chatter of this forum.


You are going to miss out on the ice cream Miss Crabtree is going to bring us.
Oh well, that is more ice cream for us.

Seriously though, I enjoyed your posts and I hope you reconsider. There is an ignore user function that helps me stay happier here.


@erospa This ^.

I challenge you to find a more civil, similar oasis in the desert of crassness and incivility that is the internet.

Wisdom and ignorance is everywhere.

To paraphrase a favorite saying of mine, the best solution to ill-informed speech is more informed speech. If you consider yourself informed, stay and contribute. The forum will be better off for it. If you leave, it is your and our loss, in my OPINION. :slight_smile:

I suggest you stick around a bit longer and keep you fingers near the :roll_eyes: emoji and “ignore button” poised to pounce when you really feel the urge. Better yet, confront the ignorance head on in a polite and engaging matter.

Cheers to you in any event.


@erospa I am sorry to see you go and would prefer if you decided to stay.

There will always be a diversity of opinions here. Some will agree with you; others, disagree. This is good.

It would be boring if everyone agreed all of the time.

You will always be welcome!

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Wow! Miss Crabtree. I loved Miss Crabtree. What would Miss Crabtree’s lesson be on intolerance?

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4 days is not long enough to form any opinions in my experience.

I find it most interesting when people announce they are leaving the party. Who does that?


That’s a shame. It’ll be a long time till we see another Music First pre-amp around here. I see no need for pre-amps myself, but I appreciate something made to that level of quality and refinement and if I had to look at audio equipment that would suit me fine.

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Ice Cream! :icecream:


Erospa you are free to come and go from the forum at will…
However…you will be missing out on a lot of great ideas
that can help propel you along your audio journey.

Banal …well …as in repetition, predictable, dull or trite not
invoking interest… unqualified drivel ? hmmm …

Sounds like insanity…

May you find a safe sane haven…

However you will miss the world’s best
enjoyable audio insane asylum…

So how do you operate in the “real world” of
business with thin skin?

Best wishes in your journey…

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I highly recommend sticking around and using the Ignore option.

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Part of on line participation and existence is accepting everyones right to have opinions they’re just like butt ho**s everyone has one. This forum is a place for good clean fun for the most part. Yes there are a few who I choose to ignore and that’s the secret ignore them.

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Might I humbly suggest Twitter for a sane, reasonable discourse of ideas and thoughts…lol


i talk opinionated drivel, often typing in my sleep, chill and enjoy - though if you have left the forum you won’t see these posts anyway :wink:


Don’t worry, I’ll read them.

I’m working on being as opinionated and prejudiced as Paul. When he makes the world’s best mains conditioner, or loudspeaker, I’ll happily get a hat off Amazon and eat it. Opinions are good, however odd or grounded in reality, if well intentioned. They are only opinions. The truth … well, that would be a fine thing.


My wife’s mother’s maiden name was Crabtree. And, yes, she was a teacher.


steady on there :smiley:

also, i have a surplus of hats, but i don’t think you will need one (at least not to eat)…

ps - i looked for the truth on Twitter. It wasn’t there.


What other forums are you comparing the PSA on-line community to? I consider this forum to be a haven from the outright hate and ignorance way too many chat boards everywhere in cyberspace wallow in. The diversity of backgrounds of the participants who contribute to this community is amazing, Everyone here with exceptions I’ve encountered I can count on one hand is civil and, I’ve found, eager to help others with questions and issues with their systems. It is particularly interesting you chose to announce your departure on the Everything Else thread, because IMO the conversation on topics as diverse as wines, to photography, to science, to cars, to humor is erudite relative to what you’ll encounter pretty much anywhere else in the blogosphere. This very thread is one of the reasons I chose to join the PSA forum. Hope you reconsider, but if you don’t best of luck finding a more informative and courteous on-line community.


@erospa I too have enjoyed your posts about what you have found to work.

A diverse group of misfits avoids group think and encourages thought. Opinions are made to be disagreed with as well as agreed with and laughed at at times. But are also like jokes, not everyone gets them or thinks their funny. Some are occasionally offended by them. I have never seen pure true malice here and it stays good natured. If there are a few spats they never get out of hand.

I have followed a lot of audio forums and the information found here i have been able to improve my system the most. As well as expand my music tastes.


You’re gonna miss out on all the fun. When joining a new forum, I always lurk a bit to get the lay of the land prior to doing much posting. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

This forum is generally civil. If you have a problem with someone, block them, or settle it in a PM.

I know what you mean. There are people trying to make you feel that your opinion is an optional one but they are right. See them as pathological parts of the forum and keep on representing yours. But only if you have fun and benefit somehow from the other conversations.