Random Happy Horseshit


Pretty much everything I wear is Rapha; no “billboards” and perfect fit. But the shoes are (and will always be) Gaerne.


BTW…bet I rode 6,000 miles in six months on Okinawa with those wood soled bicycling shoes.


1000 hp. Maybe a nitroglycerin dispenser within reach??


@1cdfoley - Charles asked about doing the show and I said I don’t care. I do care about going to SEMA with the Vette. That is where I’m stoked about going. The Vette has a Wegner motor. The chassis took 4 months to build. The motor, chassis, shell, and Wilwood brakes (14in & 15in) are in St Louis. I drove the motor and chassis from AZ to St Louis in JAN, 2018. I have been waiting almost a year for them to start.

The 1,000 HP Wegner Motor -

The AME Chassis

61 Vette body - just stripped


Maybe that’s why you’re so crabby----kidding, my friend!! You know me, I can’t resist.


@RonP - we are old cycling friends… low drama… how is your back these days?


Thanks for asking. After several frustrating attempts with pt, I just took myself to the gym and got back on the bike. Feeling 90%. Now with the cold, I’m going to use a Computrainer.


Have you settled on a live axle?


I have had a Computrainer, Tacx Neo, now Hammer that I use Tacx videos of the alps & Pyrenees to train. My MSI laptop hooks to the Hammer and I watch a video of the ride

Training w/ Hammer & Tacx Videos

I built a Ridley from scratch with Stages power meter, KEO CF pedals, and Ultegra groupo

My old Computrainer with nice frame when I trained Ironman with my P3C Vervelo.


@RonP - I’m a Rapha gear whore - here is my cycling closet. This closet is just for cycling gear in my cycling studio. Rapha classic jacket, Rapha winter shell; however, I love Assos bibs… I have (4) pair long and (6) pair short (long). Jackets are Rapha, sunglasses Rapha, and shoes Rapha… bibs are Assos (Swiss made). I am a cycling gear whore… worse than 2 channel to date; however, that is slowly changing… back to an earlier passion.


Nice! I love the Assos quality but I’m 68 and too fat for their cut.


I don’t have any personal bike stories, but my brother and brother in law were and are into it.

One year a few decades ago, my brother took two weeks off work and rode from Michigan to Maine, Roughly 80 miles a day for two weeks - then flew home.

On an entirely different subject, I just poured the “bloom” on my morning pour over, and it had formed the shape of a Holiday Star! A Christmas miracle! I’ll be checking my pancakes…


@badbeef - I use a stainless steel vente filter so minerals are not leached by paper filter. It seems to make a better cup of joe - just saying

A nice bloom, no star… rats… knew I was missing something…:flushed:


If YOUR filter puckers, you know you’ve gone a bit too strong.

Since we’re into hobbies - I roast my own. Order green beans and roast them a couple pounds at a time in a stainless steel drum on a spit on the grill with a 50 rpm motor. Spoils you something awful.


@badbeef - now that is a hobby. I’ll bite w/ a few questions

  1. How do you know it is 50rpm, especially w/ 60Hz power?
  2. Why 50 rpm?
  3. Where do you get them?
  4. How much better tasting.
  5. What temp and how do you control?
  6. What length of time?
  7. Batch size, volume and weight?
  8. Volume and weight reduction after roasting?
  9. Additives to roasting.
  10. Current draw on motor?
  11. Issues w/ motor binding?
  12. Motor / barrel interface?
  13. USA beans?
  14. Import restrictions?
  15. Roasting mechanism your design or kit?
  16. Need pics?
  17. Batch length (time), understanding your lb/ week consumption?
  18. Storage process: i.e., dark location & storage medium?
  19. Grinding process- full 4lb or wk, day…?
  20. How do you control light/dark roast, assume time - learned or scientific?
  21. Freshness delineating - time in storage?

I’ll just keep adding questions… getting very curious… this is a really cool hobby. This is just too cool. I never thought of roasting beans. Thanks for sharing in such great detail.

Really cool!

  1. Well, I haven’t counted, but that’s what the motor manufacturer spec’d, and it’s definitely faster than the 30rmp one that burned out that I replaced the 3prm one with that came in the grill rotisserie kit.

  2. The drum is perforated on the outside, with four longitudinal vanes inside for mixing. 3rpm leaves a pile in the bottom. 30rpm is considered fast enough to keep ‘em flying - tossing and tumbling so you get an even roast. When I was in the market for a new one (which I also wanted to be heavier duty, I found the 50, which I’d read some preferred, and it has worked well.

The drum will HOLD about 4 lbs., but you really can’t do that much at once, or there’s no space for air and tumbling. It is my unsubstantiated subjective belief that 50 is better for larger loads.

  1. Rkdrums.com. Sadly, the original maker of my unit has passed, but someone took over the company and ran with it - they’ve gotten very fancy nowadays. I had to cobble together bits by hand “back in the day”. May have to ask Santa for some shiny new bits.

  2. I would have to compare it to back when there were only one or two potatoes available in the market, and many areas had no Farmer’s Market. Kind of like the first time you have a really fresh potato. Decades ago, I traveled to Idaho on a shoot for the Potato Board, and they made us a Baker fresh from the ground the size of your head. It was a revelation.

They explained that the potatoes we got back in Chicago were stored in a shed for an indefinite period, spent up to weeks in boxcars before they got to the storage and distribution for the groceries in IL. We were only getting aged, wizened crap.

Anyways - back to coffee…it is so fresh, that the varietals and roasts I like need to rest for a few days before they come to fruition. Lighter roasts are pretty much ready to go right away.

5 through 7. People certainly get anal about all that, but as long as it falls within certain parameters, the results are good. Doing it outdoors on the grill has its advantages in terms of smoke and chaff, but you have to adjust for weather conditions. I do it year-round, including the dead of winter and windy conditions, though I avoid windy if possible. Some times you just run out.

You judge the roast roughly by time and temp, but it is ultimately by ear. You hear First Crack (which is more like snaps and pops as the beans rapidly expand) then you know you are a few minutes from Second crack (which is the Crackling sound out of the Snap Crackle and Pop). Many varietals do not want to be roasted that far, so you stop short of 2nd. But I tend to like strong African and Middle Eastern coffees that can handle going just into 2nd.

  1. 10% or so

  2. Ick.

  3. ?? Typical for a small motor I suspect. Why? Of course I run a 100’ extension cord into the house and plug it into the P3 - NOT!

I’m tired now, and need a cup of coffee.

10 through 20…for the hardware rkdrums.com is a place to start, and for the green beans and lots about roasting, sweetmarias.com.

Re: Buying American - if that is your question - coffee, like wine, comes from all over the world, and so far we’re not exactly competing in this arena, though I understand some are trying.

Crops also vary from year to year, as with wine, and with region and microclimate, etc. Sadly some of the best coffee in the world (to my tastes) comes from the Cradle of Coffee Civilization - Yemen. And they are having major issues of their own, and we’re not exactly getting along with them these days, so that source has dried up. Though some wanker in the US being miffed he can’t get his favorite coffee doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. I just feel for the farmers going broke.


A Wery Wicked looking Wegner engine! I haven’t heard of them. Yes, it is beautiful! Maybe you could post a sound track of the engine and a burnout when you get it on the road. Hey make a flac file, I will crank my copy.


Technivorm Moccamaster KBT-741 click

No interesting patterns this morning.


@1cdfoley - They build Ring brother motors for SEMA. Look up Ring brother and Jay Leno and their Chevelle. They built an LS3 w/ Whipple supercharger 416ci stroker that was 1khp. Mine is 376ci w/ 1khp. My motor was dynoed at a tad under 1khp. Look at the Chevelle badging and Wegner is doing the same w/ 376ci. You can look up my motor being dynoed as video on Wegner Motorsports Facebook in November, 2017. If you want to listen. It is Richard Card’s Vette. Since I stopped doing Facebook, if you see the video and can capture it… would appreciate the movie or sound.


pump gas?