Random Happy Horseshit


@amsco15 - My wife decided to go modern/minimal this year and everything was redone. So, I got my tunes in May, 2018 and she got the house redone. I do have a couple of rooms (cycling room & office) and a garage where I keep our (3) show cars…

Cycling Studio


I used to cycle pretty serious. 6’-3” and 170…could climb with anyone in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The gear was more primitive…I had Italian wood soled shoes with cleats nailed into the soles.

Edit: not 170 anymore…LOL.


The granite outcropping did crumble. This old man fell, hee hee. The old man’s face was held together by steel spikes and cables.


@amsco15 - I raced Ironman and a lot of races in California. Mulholland Challenge & KOM. I lived in Malibu for 8 years and the Santa Monica mountains are amazing. Here is a shot of the Tonto Forest above and east of Phoenix, AZ

Tonto Forest cycling to Payson

SOMO - 175lbs in 2017… I miss the Cali mountains…

Calabasas CA -


It’s a great sport…you look like a cycling bad ass!!


At least you did not have to attempt climbing at 220. The 140 to 170 group were always nice to me, asking me to group ride with them. Like audiophiles a nice group whose association is wonderful.

I always wanted to climb Mt Washington. One of my friends climbed it over 35 times, some at night (after the park was closed, but they eluded the park rangers. on MT bikes they dove into the woods in the dark night to escape the law. I admit to envy.)
Those were happy, happy times. These times still are happy.


@amsco15 - I like to cycle, bad-ass… those days are gone… SUX getting old - here is a better picture

32 Deuce - 600HP Fully blown DART block w/ TBS 6V-71 blower & Brax full stereo (2) 1150 watt amps in trunk with dual JL Audio subs and (8) Brax Matrix speakers in the cab… stereo & HP - BOOOHA!


Cardi glad to see that you are kicking it. Long may you run.


Fun man! Life is good! We are all lucky bastards.


@1cdfoley - did my 1st Ironman at 50 years old and still getting it done… running a 6min mile at 50 years old. All good… getting old SUX. Those golden years they talk about is all BS… I’m fighting this old age tooth and nail… Talked to my wife today about my 60th Bday next summer and she asked what I wanted to do… I told her I’m climbing Mt Lemmon in Tucson for time and it is going to be under 2.5 hrs… like I was going on some European vacation or hitting golf balls… yeah, right!


I turned 60 last April and deadlifted 320 for a set of 3 this year. Got another 10 lbs in me by year’s end. Nothing like some really strong guys but I’m proud of it. The work of maintaining only ends when you die.


@amsco15 - Here is the 56 Tbird I built my wife; took me two years and won it’s first show. Her trophy was bigger than mine for my Deuce and she is always reminding me…



Fabulous ride, the misses has good taste for cars, … and you.


Really??? Bloody hell!!!


1cdfoley - I have a 61 Vette that is being built in ST Louis - Classic Car Studios - 1,000HP LS3 w/ Whipple COPO supercharger. Art Morrison rolling chassis and electronic adaptive suspension. I designed it and “Speed is the New Black” is building it…


Wood cleats were some serious HH


amsco15 going old school… I use Rapha shoes at $500 a pair and they fit like a glove… wooden cleats NFW!


Speed is the New Black is one of my fav shows. I will be watching for you.


Wow!! Is that all steel?


@RonP - Fiberglass body for the Deuce. That is one scary car to drive… TCI Street Fighter 700R4 tranny w/ 3.5" aluminum driveshaft and Wavetec rear end… bullet proof and really scary over 120mph.

I just put FiTech fuel injection on the 56 TBird… that car is a lot of fun. I just slide back and the wife drives… just cruising.