Random Happy Horseshit


Beauty spot.


Thanks, nice post. Closest I ever got was a 2004 Rubicon and I hated that POS. Sold it after six months. Broncos are different. We own a RR Evoque as daily driver for my wife. I work from home so the commute is short. Love that SUV. Most don’t know it is turbo charged and man does it have some get up. Bonus: tunes are great; wife is always catching me cranking them up.


Thanks for that shot of your coffee setup! I have a Capresso Grinder as well and yes, it is very messy. I never thought of unleashing the power of the Zero Stat on it though. Now I can feel like Flash Gordon. Beware Ming!


OOOoohh…roasting up a couple of Lbs. of the new Moka Kadir:

Note the “peaberry” size…the baby veal of coffee…just kidding. Some varietals are small. Lots of the Peaberry coffees are good, but it’s no guarantee, as with wine.

They will end up much chubbier when they are spit-roasted ; )


Mix a bit of this in for that extra kick in the morning… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh - you’re a Wake 'n Bake guy. A cart-and-horse thing ; )

SO: the Result - Hot off the grill during cool down (still smokin’)

Note that this is a Blend of different coffees as opposed to a SO (single origin), hence the different roast levels, which is one of the fun bits about blends. The truly anal will separately roast the various SO’s and blend them afterwards in different proportions, but I prefer to leave that up to the professionals.


All of that fresh looking organic material in ziplock bags brought back some of my misguided youth to mind. :cookie::milk_glass:


So you’re disavowing that that is your bud, bud?


So the slightly irksome bit with most of the coffees I like is that, sure, I could grind this up right now and have a cup - but it will be MUCH better in about 2-3 days. Sorta like uncorking a fine Italian wine and slurping it down, despite knowing it needs to have been opened at LEAST on the morning of the dinner and left to air out and open up.


Gawdalmighty, coffee fans - I wish you could smell it around here here right now.

I’ve had my neighbors come over during roasting, concerned that my house was burning down or something, but then I have them stick their face in that finished pile of bean-y, roasty goodness…


I was thinking the same thing when I saw the yet to be roasted coffee beans. No caffeine, only CBD for me.


Sadly I’m getting to that point. When you notice I’m getting particularly edgy and combative - such as this AM - it’s likely because I’ve had more fresh, delicious covfefe than is good for me. I hate getting old.


I’ve never roasted my own but enjoyed a number of years of different grinds, different methods (pour over and filtered press mostly) and the smell! Oh the smell is so good!




Great minds think alike…:+1:


I don’t know if this is a hobby or a sickness. I’m having one of those days where my system sounds so great, I think, “what else could I want?”. But sure enough there’s something that just yesterday I didn’t know about and today, I absolutely NEED …Hello, my name is Ron. I’ve been an audiophile for 33 years…


fools seldom differ… :slight_smile:


My system is performing at its best today too. Maybe a Santa Claus rally.:slight_smile:


Doing my bit to support the farmers in a war-torn country. If they read this description of their coffee, they’d probably piss themselves ; )


Oh God bless me, for my stereo is worth more than my car (religiously speaking, I will repent) :smile: