Random Happy Horseshit


“Coffee, Glorious Coffee!!” Just doesn’t have the same ring. Too many syllables ; )


For some reason I sort of conflate Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol. I suppose because they’re both Dickens.

Here’s Bob, with Tim on his shoulder outside their house. You can see Mrs. Cratchit through the window, being long-suffering and domestic.


I obviously twisted them up.


Well, bud, I have to say I’m enjoying your recent twist on DSJ : )


Another HH topic for Jazz fans:

Listening to an almost-10-year-old kid - Joey Alexander’s, “My Favorite Things”…(OK, he was 11 years old at the time) - and Tony Bennett and Bill Charlap, “The Silver Lining - the Songs of Jerome Kern” by a 90 year old singer.

That is Some very Happy Stuff. Inspiring. Whether you’re young or old.



@Badbeef My roasting department will be packaging up your La Milagrosa (Boquete, Panama) Gesha and sending it your way shortly.

Your Dickens Village is pretty impressive I must say. I dare to ask how many hours invested each year to its setup? I hate that I am even asking because the last thing I need is one more cause for any spare time I have to go “poof!”


As long as your roasters don’t actually Roast it, I’m good. Send me the raw stuff. :+1:t2:

“La Milagrosa” (due to my limited Spanish) brings to mind, “Malaguena Salerosa”.

Things are always reminding me of songs.

A Classic, covered by The Tubes, “Back in the Day”. And Avenged Sevenfold, more recently. : )

re: Decoration Setup Time invested so far:

A couple of happily destracted hours at this point.

Many years the Village has been 4x of this, depending on time - and have proprtionately more Buildings and so on.

However, The Melancholy Tavern and the Cratchit House are a couple of faves : )


But of course!



:rofl: That is fantastic!


I will need an intervenous drip to sustain me during this Saturday before Christmas shopping foray.


I’m filling a hiking water backpack… ; )


Ah, a water back pack, excellent, I made it through my Saturday shopping with a little sugar on the side :):grin:
Now enjoying a Sunday morning brew and the music.
Have a Merry Christmas


JeffofArabica’s Panamanian Gesha. GREAT stuff - and I don’t even usually like Central American coffees : )



Literally looks good enough to eat.


Well, roasted, ground up and boiled and so on, at any rate ; )


Glad you liked Tito’s “Miracle” beans :coffee: :grinning:

Here is the man behind it all, Mr. Hector “Tito” Vargas.


Feeling very thankful today for the world we inhabit and where my problems here are often limited to sound that 99% of the people I know would consider amazing.

I’ve been reading lots of Gulag literature lately and stuff like that really grounds you. God bless and listen well.


Coffee “grounds” me ; )