Is this really necessary? (Routing a cable through the plant to have distance)
I’m trying to have the XLRs not parallel to power cords and preferably not even cross with them. And power cords away from each other. …does it matter what I exactly plug into each 4-strip of sockets here, in terms of cross-contamination?
I guess USB and digital coax don’t really care about the environment unless you stuff them into a jumble of cheap power cords, riiiight?

All my cable is AudioQuest (Cinnamon, Red River, NRG-Xs… All their commie colored series) with their passive shielding, gotta trust them on that 99% claim… DAC is fed by SignalCable Digital, double-shielded, designed for digital high-current.
I’m not sure if these well-shielded AQs even need any sorting…

I know the APC power strip is stripping the soul out of my music for suuuuure (gauge bottleneck), but at the same time it has surge protect, voltage swing taming, and the right amount of sockets. Well, I’d honestly say it improved my sound with this active setup!

Let’s rate our cable sortings, for fun and fact.

I wonder how many bother with say, such JBLs such as these here LSR308s, after spending much more on cabling and digital galvanic isolation than what these cost new back then… Well, gotta get most out of speakers before stepping up.
These are just great with all these upgrades, they notably and curiously sound more like “passive” speakers than they did with a cheap Steinberg stage back then. Totally overachieving monitors.

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This weekend I moved my office / home studio setup in the living room so the little one gets his own room.
I was in cold sweat how to not dumb the kilos of cables from that setup on the ICs running from my Hi-Fi system to the active speakers (the new table just sits in between). And how to shut the whole office down, so the computers with their SMPSs don’t pollute my precious critical listening power.
So I did some re-cabling and I’m very happy with the results.