HORRIBLE distortion using Roon after Bridge update

OK, so I finally updated the Bridge II to its current firmware. No thanks to the Directstream’s own touchscreen interface which said that 3.0.0. was current and “no updates were available.” So, I went into the system using Mconnect and updated the firmware of the Bridge II. NOW, everytime that I stop playback, using Roon, about 5 seconds after I stop playback, I get a brief (I would say about .5 seconds long) bit of distortion that comes through my speakers. Listen daily (I’m retired), never got it before, almost thought it might have fried the tweeters in my speakers, thankfully it did not. Using Snowmass, upgraded to it some time ago. WTF!!!

Are you using Roon? You should check out this thread, and the thread embedded inside, to see if it applies:

As a follow up to the post above, after I updated Snowmass to 3.0.5 the problem disappeared. It scared the shit out of me though.

As yet another followup, its doing it again. Calling PS Audio support. Here’s a link to a video file of the system producing this distortion in two brief bursts about 5 seconds after stopping playback in roon. Using the USB input and feeding the DAC with a microrendu doesn’t produce this noise. The bridge which is only like 6 months old is doing it consistently now.