Use of P12 Zone D

I am seriously interested in the forthcoming AirLens as a replacement for the Bridge II in my DS DAC. I have only one place that I could plug in an AirLens; one of the outlets in zone D on my P12. The other outlet in zone D is used for my BHK 250. I am wondering if there is any sonic downside to using a low-power component like the AirLens on the same zone as an amp.

In case anyone from PS audio reads this: I looked quickly through the manual for the P15 and did not find any information about using the high-current outlets. This is something that perhaps should be added (unless I missed it).

No, there won’t be any detriment putting the AL with the BHK250. After initial start up to handle the potentially high in-rush current of an amp, all zones behave the same.


Thanks – good to know!

The Power Plants High Current outlets are identical in output quality/voltage than every other outlet and so they are fine to use for the AirLens.

The difference is that the high current outlets have a soft start feature for big amps. Once the outlet has turned on, the soft start is out of the circuit path.


Thanks, Paul. IIUC, the zones in a PowerPlant are isolated from one another, but the two outlets in a zone are not. So I was wondering if the heavy draw from a power amp would have a negative affect on another component in the same zone. Good to know that it won’t.