Recommendation for a backup spinner, please

I’m sure it’s in here somewhere, but…

I’m looking for a CD transport to backup Roon in case I lose my Roon streamer or internet, both of which have happened, albeit infrequently.

I’d look at the PS Audio DMP or PST, but I think they are overkill, as I only have Redbook in my physical collection, and the price seems a bit much for the limited purpose.

What I’d like to find is a unit that will sit idle most of the time; hopefully have an I2S output; have good sound and reliability, and a form factor that would sit well with the DirectStream DAC.

Does such a beast exist?


Get a PWT for around 1k and be giggle happy. Or spend $2500 on a Jay’s Audio CDT2-MKIII transport. The PWT gets the job done just fine though. And it’s cheap to replace the drive mechanism. Like $30 cheap. It’s over $100 on the CDT2-MKIII.


Both of the transports from Nuprime will also do I2S to the Directstream.

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