Repair Service Recommendations

Hope this topic is appropriate for this site.

I seem to be living in a kind of Black Hole when it comes to finding repair services for some of my older audio equipment and was wondering if other members might share their coveted resources in an effort to have some of my aging equipment serviced when needed.

I have an old Hafler 9270 amp as well as a Krell 400xi integrated both in need of service before I put them on up for sale. Both of these units are long past any warranty service and sending back to the manufacturer tends to be the more expensive option.

I’d like to have them checked out and repaired if necessary and make sure they are working properly before I pass them on for someone else to use and enjoy.

Shipping is expensive so was hoping to find shops located in the Southeast USA but would appreciate any first hand recommendations.

I’m located in North Central Alabama, not far from the Tennessee border and can drive to Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta without too much trouble. i’ve done some Internet searches but it’s hard to tell quality of service from an ad.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Just a shot in the dark. Give edorr a PM. He might know someplace.

For anyone in the NY/NJ area, I have used Electronic Workbench in Hackensack, NJ quite a few times - he is quick, competent, and very reasonably priced. I can post contact info if anyone wants. (The shop is less than 15 minutes from the George Washington Bridge.)

In the other direction, I made the mistake of shipping a Marantz 2275 to Circle Stereo in Dripping Springs, TX about 3 years ago now, he has neither done the work nor sent me the unit back, and has stopped responding to emails and phone messages. I submitted a complaint to the local BBB and they did not get a response either. Avoid at all costs.