Refurbishing Mc75 mono amps

I’m going to have my McIntosh mc75 mono amps refurbished and was wondering what capacitors to look for? I’ve read copper foil and film are a popular choice. The work is being done by a local service where I live. Would like to hear from anyone who has done this and get some recommendations.


I have no experience but this to me is a very cool project!

Have you received recommendations from the tech doing the work?

It would be awesome to see before and after pics and learn about the mods as you move through the refurbishing


Is having the service done by McIntosh too costly?

I would reach out to McIntosh service get their latest version schematic and parts list that your amps can be upgraded to. Also consider purchasing capacitors from them. I had both my MC1000 amps recapped by an authorized Service center near me. The tech there said he had much better luck with restorations sourcing caps through them. I even had the big filter caps replaced. Though he is authorized Mc he services all hi end audio makes.

You might also talk to a tech at audioclassics for their recommendations.

You can always tweak off the beaten path. But why not experience what these amps can do just being refreshed, unless what you have now was already modified out?

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The shop I’m using is very reputable and well liked, plus it’s local.

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Just curious, how old is your mc75s?

They are about 50 years old.

Try chatting with Audio Classics …they specialize in service and restoration repair
and are very customer service oriented…

Best wishes


They will sell parts as does McIntosh. I have bought parts from both direct.

I sourced lamps once from elsewhere did not last a year and half were burned out. Saves a bunch of headaches.