Record Storage Lighting in IKEA Kalax cube shelves

I want to add lighting to the Kalax, Any recommendations on how to ACTUALLY run–as in route path–LED tape to illuminate the Record cover spines?

I didn’t have any suggestions for LED tape specifically but I wanted to share what I use for my Kallax setup (one 5 x5 and two 4x2s). Rather than lighting all my albums simultaneously, I use two rechargeable LED Clamp Lights (the specific model I bought in 2020 doesn’t appear to be available now but there are several alternatives that are effectively the same). I simply clamp a light on or near the cube of interest to read the LP spines. It’s a low tech (and very inexpensive) solution so it may not appeal to everyone :grin:

I keep my media along a wall in my office rather than my listening room; you can see two of the clamps in the photo below:


That’s a clever way to provide light (I like it) and thank you for your fast response!
My storage is in a walkway and the clamped on lights would be hit by passers by, or it would be “Clamp on–Clamp Off”!
I going for the “Mood” that LED and colors bring as much as for reading the spine labels.


You can get under cabinet 12” LED light strips on Amazon and mount to the top front under edges that have end wires that plug into a central power supply or link in a pluggable chain if you want to drill holes between compartments. I did this with my bookcase and even have it motion activated.

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HitLights ( is an online retailer of DIY led lights. I used them for a project in my shed. They offer a wide variety of light strip options, mounting solutions, and power supplies.

Importantly, the customer service is excellent. In my case, I called the 800 number to explain what I wanted to do and sent some pics. The agent walked me through their products. The project turned out perfectly.

I know I didn’t answer your question exactly, but if no one else has a perfect existing solution, hopefully this opens a door. Good luck!

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I installed these in my wife’s art studio and they work wonderfully. No wiring required

LED Motion Sensor Light,Under Counter Lighting, Wireless USB Rechargeable Kitchen Night Lights,Battery Powered Operated Light,54-LED Light for Wardrobe,Closets,Cabinet,Cupboard(2 Pack)

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I like your suggestion. I’d prefer to use strip-tape LED lighting that doesn’t require batteries.

I hear ya. I went for convenience. That batteries are bad for Mother Earth.