Reference Fuse List

[Forgive me if this has been done in some form or fashion already]

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we can list all of the fuse specifications for individual PSA products that have accessible fuses and are thought to benefit from aftermarket fuse “upgrades”.

I hope those that are in the know will post here. After enough information is gathered, perhaps a table could be pulled together and posted here (and then updated from time to time).

I don’t have much of the information gathered, personally. But I would be willing to draft a table for review and comment once the info. starts flowing in.



Started something like this a few yrs ago and forgot about it. If someone here is good with excel and has spare time, maybe they could work up a spreadsheet with dropdowns, search functions etc?



I did the same thing for my equipment. But I wouldn’t trust anyone else’s list, especially since every piece of gear I’ve ever seen has the specs written at the connection point. And I’d rather the misteaks be mine.

Point well taken, I rely on myself as well, bad things happen with the incorrect fuse installed for circuit protection especially too large a fuse…


“We” can be sure to cite fuse specifications and PSA kit owners’ manuals to support the content in the list/table?

Hi all,

I’m going to purchase the SR Purple fuses for my 2 P12 PowerPlants. Due to EU schuko version on the back is recommended the 3AH model and Synergistic Research offer only 3,15 A type. The same for SR Orange fuses family.

Anyone already used them on P12 EU model?

@jamesh can you help me to understand which SR fuse is compliant with P12, since the 3A fuse is not on SR list?

Thank you

Don’t most of PS Audio’s gear have the power fuse on the back, where rear photos or manuals will give the amperage. There is a 1A that many change inside the DirectStream dac.

One thing that many have learned with SR “color” fuses is to go at least one amperage value up. They are not built to industry standards and initial surges are apt to blow them. Even SR will tell you this privately. I haven’t found or heard of this problem with other brands.

Just to highlight differing views on fuses, someone started a fuse thread over here in the UK. I attracted a mix of comedy and derision. I rather like the response to the length of the guarantee: 20ms.