Rega Osiris Single Channel White Noise Help

Woke up this morning to listen to some music and there was a new “white noise” coming from my right speaker only. Left is silent. The noise is constant. Does not change with volume control or input changing. I’ve unplugged all inputs from the amp, have changed power source from my PS Audio to directly to the wall and no matter what I do the noise is still there. Only from the right channel. I’ve swapped cables and speakers so I know its coming from the amp. I have linked a video of the noise. Is the amp broken? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I had a similar issue with my Osiris (I am a big fan and I have believe it not 4 Osiris’ amplifiers). Input board fault. I returned the Osiris to Rega and they replaced the input boards - FOC. I am in the UK, Scotland - hence an easy and quick repair!


Thanks for the reply. I was afraid I’d have to send it back to the manufacturer (a bit longer of a shipment from the US) but thats what its looking like

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