Regard the output of NuWave dac

My audio system contains nuwave dac and a pair of genelec 8030b active speaker which only has xlr I/O.

I am planning to get a subwoofer but those with xlr I/O are mostly high-end and out of my budget for a subwoofer.

So l will probably get a good valued one with rca connection only.

My question is:

Does it workable if I connect the speakers to the dac with xlr cables and simultaneously connect the dac and subwoofer with rca cables?

Can the dac output signals to both xlr and rca plug at the same time?

Thanks very much for any idea.

Yes, the DAC can certainly do that without a problem. Where i think you’ll run into to trouble is the volume. How will you control the volume?

The Genelecs are near-field monitors with individual volume controls. You typically use them while seated at a desk/workstation.

Welcome, Ronarch!

Thanks so much for your help. Yes my Genelec speakers have individual volume controls.

I will probably get a Velodyne Impact 10 then.

(Actually I prefer Presonus Temblor T10 more. But I am from Hong Kong and here I don’t find any dealer for them.)

Hope Impact 10 will work fine with my dac.

That’s what I was afraid of. See, the Genelecs control the volume to them, but nothing else. Your sub won’t have a volume control they way you’re describing this.

The picture of the rear panel shows it has subwoofer volume control.

So I guess the volumes will all be controlled separately but it’s still workable, just need to spend more time to find a good balance, right?

It will definitely work, you just need to be willing to fiddle.