(Regenerator Powered) System Warm Up

I am curious how long people’s (regenerator powered) systems take to fully warm up and sound their best.

Myself, I find my warm up time to be all over the place, sometimes being just a few minutes, other times being up to an hour. I leave my solid state class A/B amplifier and Stellar Regenerator fully on, 24/7, and I only turn my SACD player off between listening sessions because the display doesn’t shut off.

I am also curious if anyone has info regarding the main factors that affect system warm up time.


Are there any other components in the system?

I am not surprised the SACD player needs to warm up a bit, but I would expect the amount of time to be fairly consistent.

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No other components in the system, just SACD player, amplifier and regenerator.

Another odd thing I have noticed lately is if I have my SACD player on all day the sound gets cloudy/diffuse. But if I turn the SACD off then right back on, the sound cleans up immediately.


Have you tried running Clean Wave before listening?

I have, yes. But I find that the system needs to warm up before I can really hear what Cleanwave is doing. I have found the same thing when using degaussing tracks in the past with my system. If I try to degauss prior to warm up, it doesn’t work nearly as well and again, it is hard to hear if I have degaussed enough, since the system still needs to warm up.

I’ve found that, just put in standby, my DMP and PST come up good almost immediately.
My amp takes at least an hour if left in standby and all day if turned off.
My preamp which doesn’t even have an on/off switch and if I unplug it, it sounds flat for several hours at least.

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Any theory as to why his SACD player takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to warm up?

Are you certain it isn’t the regenerator that takes awhile to warm up?

This strikes me as unlikely. You are leaving it on full time. The only change is turning on the SACD player which consumes little power.

Sure, but my amp draws a lot more power (through the regenerator) when playing music than when not, right? And so both the amp and regenerator work a lot harder when playing music at Nirmal listening levels, right?

True, but the amp and the regnerator are already warm. Any need to become “more warmed” should be quick. But it is possible.

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That makes sense.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that my regenerator is only 6 weeks old and the fuse in it is only four days old.

Do regenerators take longer to function at their best during peak electric times, like 7pm to 10pm, compared to later in the night?

My CD player, pre amp and amps are plugged into outlets I have set for always on. Since they are all in stand by mode, it takes very little time for the system to settle in. I your equipment offer that, you may want to try it. In fact, the manuals for those pieces recommend they be used that way for best sound.

I have not noticed any difference. Perhaps others have.

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George the new fuses will go through various even numerous phases of
burn in…ranging from very good to yuck and back and forth until the fuse settles
in …

So it may be way to early to try and figure out why your systems sound and performance
issues…Having been through this myself…wait for another week and half thereabouts
because of the fuse needing burn in to settle in…

Patience my friend patience!!


Thanks David! My fuse already has 100 hours on it, but I’ll give it more time.

Which one did you get?

I got these:

George I’m curious …have you tried flipping it around to hear which way sounds better to you?