Sound quality from my SACD player diminishes after being on 8+ hours

Anyone ever notice an downgrade in sound by leaving their SACD player on a long time, say for 8 or more hours?

Lately I have noticed that sound quality from my SACD player diminishes after being on for 8 or more hours, but if I turn it off and then back on again, the sound quality goes back to normal.

Anyone notice their player is like this or why mine might be doing this? I suspect it might have to do with built up magnetism in the player.

What make and model SACD player?
In what ways is the sound quality diminished?

Denon DCD-1600NE

Sound is muffled, dull, congested

If the push of a button does the trick for you, that would be the cheapest tweak. My guess, it’s getting warm and something is not happy with that. It could be a belt, an electric motor, a chip or a capacitor!

My system “calms down” after it warms up. Not as bright or edgy. If I preferred the bright edgy sound then I’d listen in its cold state. I prefer the more laid back and accurate / neutral sound of everything being warmed up so I leave everything on all the time. Maybe that’s what you’re hearing?

That is the the first thought to my mind, but switching a warmed up unit off and immediately on again, does not take away any heat, so it’s strange that the clear sound is back after this.

Same applies for slow magnetized materials.

It sounds more like slow capacity build up in the entire circuit due to a component that is indeed not happy with heat (anymore due to age) and that the circuit immediately discharges during the power off / on sequence.


Makes sense :+1:t2: The capacitor charge / discharge / recharge theory sounds more logical. Also, normal warm up for optimal operating temperature is usually an hour or so, save a few exceptions.


Thank you, I did prefer the looks of the Stellar Gain Cell DAC much better. The simplicity of the Stellar enclosure style and rigid design should win awards.

The BHK Pre has the same user interface that I liked very much too, all balanced and hybrid tube, you must have a lot of fun with it.

Long delivery times on the NAD’s, overall feedback I see on Instagram is complaints about it but also that it’s worth the wait.

The fact that made me pull the trigger were all the discussions about USB cables, reclockers and conditioners and the same story about Ethernet connections on the streamers. The NAD cut out the USB equation as the have built in BluOS streamers.

I dislike the Roon subscription model or EUR 700 one off fee, not Roon itself. BluOS is a very comprehensive alternative that is developed by the same company as NAD, synergy built in, which is why I own Apple computers and devices (as you might have guessed by my user name). BluOS is Apple AirPlay 2 compatible which makes the implementation of our computer smart device and network infrastructure a breeze.

Via NAD and BluOS I can even listen to my analog phono records through the entire house. So I do think The entire family will have fun with the NAD / BluOS system.

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The interoperability of analogue and multi-room streaming sounds very interesting. I hope things get delivered on time. I have a Hegal power amp on order since January. Initially, the dealer promised delivery in 3 weeks. Then extended. I sneaked behind them :shushing_face: and called Hegel, and was told delivery is scheduled for May! :roll_eyes:

Then we are in a race @Serhan, let’s see who wins. I‘ll keep you up to date.

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Thanks Rudolf.

Do you think it is possible that it is build up magnetism that is released when the power is turned off?

Or electrostatic of some sort?

Any thoughts on this issue, @Paul ?

The only material I can think of that can be magnetized is the enclosure if it is a carbon steel alloy, like galvanized steel. But if you magnetize carbon steel the magnetisme will remain. It acts like a magnet itself.

It would also mean that the transformer leaks a on direction magnetic field, meaning your mains power contains a DC factor. W

I think more of electrical static charging, like Serhan suggested.

Thanks again.

Any ideas where the static would be generated from? The player itself?

Also, would a static issue be remedied (if only temporarily) by playing a degaussing track?

Have you contacted Denon or the place you bought the unit from?

If a component that should drain or limit energy from a certain section of the circuit starts losing performance due to a combination of age and heat you can get such static charging.

If it came from the spinning disc, it would not show up after 8 h operation, it wouldn’t take a full song to engage the issue you described.

The problem show up after 8 h of operation, and then only the sound degrades. Not sure if any repair shop has the patience to power the unit for so long and than tries to analyze what is wrong, especially if the problem is gone as soon as the power was off.

Or if anybody can afford such undertaking. Best is to run that SACD player till the culprit shows signs of smoke. Then it makes sense to put it in for repair.


No repair for me. I plan to run this thing into the ground. And then will be buying from a different brand.

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My PST has been doing at least 8 hr/day duty since I got it and it’s been a happy companion every minute.

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