Reinstalling firmware or installing previous version

Either I am the world’s worst “searcher” or my questions have never been asked here. Or maybe the answers are just obvious to most folks! Anyway, here goes:

Question #1: Is it possible to RELOAD Windom (or any previous versions) simply by following the upgrade procedure? In other words, will the software on the SD card overwrite the software in the DAC correcting any problems?

Question #2: Can you move back and forth between operating systems simply by loading the version you would like to try?

I understand that the SD card must contain no files other than those of the OS being installed.

Many thanks, Fred

Great questions Fred.

  1. Yes, the same version of code can certainly be loaded multiple times. The older versions of code used to not allow this because it would check the header of the CFG file and if it matched whatever was on the DAC, it wouldn’t attempt to load it. If I’m not mistaken, the files we release now are force load, so no matter what, it will load if the card is in the back and you power cycle it.

  2. You bet. I think a lot of folks do this every time we release a new version.

When I need a change I switch up the version running. Just switched back to Snowmass for fun.

Thanks so much, Jamesh!

Yes, the same version of code can certainly be loaded multiple times . . .

Just to be (extra) sure, this method can be used to correct any problems in the OS software should I ever encounter any, correct? In other words, a complete rewrite occurs during this procedure.

All is well at the moment but, if I do have a problem and a reboot doesn’t fix it, I would then overwrite the OS by reinstalling it, I would think. Next step then would be to contact you folks!

Stay well out there in God’s country!

Best, Fred

Thanks, Brett. I might try the same for the same reason!

Yes, exactly right. Every time it’s loaded, it completely writes over what was previously on there.

I and others have found it’s good to reboot after the load from SD card finishes, power off, remove the card and power back on.

Tks so much! A big help indeed.

Best, Fred