Force load firmware

So I had my dealer supply me with what he says is a force load of the latest firmware, how does that differ from a regular update, I have never updated my dac, and have read a few horror stories on this forum. is it just a better way of doing it ?

Force load means that the unit will attempt to load the firmware every time it is rebooted with that SD card in place, even if that version of the firmware has already successfully been installed. This can be helpful if the previous installation has been corrupted in some way as the “force load” forces the unit to reinstall the firmware.

You will want to either remove that SD card or delete the firmware files it contains it once you have the firmware successfully installed otherwise it will attempt to reinstall it every time your restart the unit.

A regular update usually will only run if the currently installed version is different from that on the SD card.

Good luck!

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So far, so good. But how do you “force” this reinstall procedure? I don’s see any option in the menue…

The force load version software will force load every time the device boots with the SD card in the slot, irrespective of what had been previously loaded. The end-user procedure is no different whether forced version or production version. You must be careful to only load a forced version software on the device it’s intended for.